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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

BBC, Covid-19: 'Don't end up like us, please' Please watch this. It's real.

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??? No idea why that should be any barrier to their being quoted. It never has been and never will be as long as I have my hand on the tiller.

Seriously find it incomprehensible that so may don’t get it. I mean how many hundred at a wedding in Stamford hill yesterday etc etc. So many people not wearing masks properly in shops. Covid is so so rampant at the moment

its thought that many hospital nurses will be.needing treatment for ptsd when this is all over. Of course they don’t walk away, that is their training, and commitment.  I only have one nurse friend who is ward based still, and her stories are harrowing.

We all got an email from our practice head covering the whole of CAMDEN pct, asking if any of us, would be willing to relocate back to hospital ( including itu) Scary scary times. Having worked in general practice for last 25years, I took the easier option of volunteering at the COVID vaccination centre



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