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This appeared in my front garden yesterday and I'm wondering if it fell off my roof or was blown in from somewhere else.

I've recently had my loft converted and am wondering if it's part of the extractor fan vent outlet? Or maybe it's a plumbing part?

If possible it would be great to know what what it is and whether I need to worry about it!

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Dimensions would be helpful

Thanks John. It's diameter is 32cm and maximum height about 9cm.

It looks like it is the top of a boiler flue. 

Thanks Con. I wondered if it was a boiler or plumbing part but it seems a little big...it's 32cm in diameter.

Is it heavy/solid or more lightweight?

Hi Hugh, it's plastic and pretty light. Not solid.

I'll try and upload another picture, but don't think I can embed it now can I?

Yes, you can embed or attach.

Plastic.....hmm... Perhaps Joss M is warm? 

Yes I think maybe Joss's theory is the closest

Looks like it could be a traffic cylinder base?

Thanks Joss.

Something like the base of this?


Thanks everyone for your replies. I'm still not sure what it is, but I feel a bit more confident that it didn't fall off my roof



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