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Plans submitted for conversion of Hornsey police station to housing

We knew it was coming: the station has been closed for a few years now (yes a police station - remember those?). There are just under 30 drawings illustrating the scheme. I've selected a few that I think give the best idea of what the applicants have in mind. The images are faint architectrural drawings. Click them to enlarge.

Essentially, they're retaining the existing building and adding two new blocks to the north on Tottenham Lane and the west on the corner of Harold and Glebe Roads.

The brief description on their application says

Retention of existing Police Station building (Block A) with internal refurbishment, rear extensions and loft conversions to create 6 terrace houses and 4 flats. Erection of two buildings comprising of Block C along Glebe Road and Harold Road to create 8 flats and erection of Block B along Tottenham Lane and towards the rear of Tottenham Lane to create 7 flats and 4 mews houses including landscaping and other associated works.

Bird's eye view of planned development

View of planned elevation for Tottenham Lane

View of planned elevation for Harold Road

You can see the full application on Haringey's website, here.

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Timely piece on the 'New London Vernacular' today; "...it has three key markers: lots of brick, deep-set portrait windows and flat facades."


No surprise to me. I came here from Toronto, Canada, 42 yrs ago, and still visit there regularly. Any buildings of any historical or simply interesting value have been gradually replaced over the years with ugly beige Lego-like buildings (which look pre-fab). These are mostly condominiums, hotels and large retail businesses. I no longer recognise any city intersections because they all look the same. I also don't understand why they are building so many boring hotels, because there is no longer anything for visitors to look at and admire. If they must re-purpose buildings here, why can't they be used for small businesses or community purposes? This last is a rhetorial question, by the way.

For a really in-your-face example of NLV look at the Hawley Wharf development by Camden Lock: effectively one long slab of brick facade (concrete behind, obviously) with monotonous rectangular windows apparently just punched into the surface, as though by a biscuit-cutter.

In fact, if you look further along Tottenham Lane on the opposite side to the cop shop there are some OK terraced houses (perhaps housing association?) whch  hark back to traditional styles and the newer block on the same side at the Ferme Park roundabout - damaged by the bus that ran into it - is bland but quite well-proportioned and with bigger windows than usual. So perhaps there's some hope for this development?



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