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Plans for Crouch End farmers’ market scrapped after residents' groups object

The plans for a new farmers’ market in Crouch End we reported on recently have been scrapped following opposition from residents who feared it would “ruin Sundays”.

The proposal for a food and craft market to run each Sunday in the playground of Coleridge Primary School, in Crouch End Hill, was scrapped after the school pulled out of the plans to prevent upsetting residents living nearby.

The CASCH Residents’ Association, told a local newspaper that an influx of traders and visitors to the proposed market would “ruin Sundays” for residents, causing congestion and disruption in the area.

Following the school’s decision to abandon the market plans last week, Ms Adnan withdrew her application to the council’s planning department.

This leaves me wondering whether there was a general groundswell of opposition or whether it was the local civic core flexing their muscles. 

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I live nearby, didn't know about it, and would have supported the market!

Yes, I do wonder if the school reacted a bit hastily to a well organised and vocal civic core. You'd have a better sense of that than I.

So Crouch End's residents are fighting to keep the Sabbath holy, churchgoing and free from servile work???!!!

Ian Paisley's lot used have the children's swings padlocked in Belfast's city parks every Sunday. Keep up the fight, CASCH RA. There are so many other transgressions you must outlaw to save Crouchie's immortal soul. Or have I misunderstood?

AND..... In Germany, it is illegal to use power tools outside in residential areas on a Sunday......   YES PLEASE!!!!  good for the residents, they can take a little walk to Ally Pally where the market is of no bother to anyone...



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