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Plan for 20 metre high 5G mast on corner Grove Rd, Culvert Rd, Oulton Rd N15

Have people locally seen the plans for a 20m 5G mast on the green to the south of Edgecot Court? The mast will be blocking the nice views for roughly 30-40 of the flats with south facing views from Edgecot court. As well as over 20 houses and flats around the green area. And would be clearly visible from the Seven Sisters Rd end of Culvert Rd. Take a look and object if you like using the link below. Website: http://www.planningservices.haringey.gov.uk/portal/servlets/Applica... Reference number: HGY/2020/1249 Would be really interested to people's thoughts on this - and potentially find some support for opposing it. Need to act swiftly though.

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So do the articles. Try and skip them. This entire website is the Fakest of Fake News.

I hope you have good anti-virus software if you access this site regularly

Thanks for your concern, but not sure I would trust that website. All of the health problems seem to be linked to incorrect conspiracy theories. 

The same google search found this:

Not a single expert the Guardian spoke to believed there was any reliable evidence of harm from 5G or any other part of the publicly licensed broadcast spectrum.


Statement of fact. The physical mast IS the problem. 5G isn't dangerous. Facts.

If you are afraid of high velocity photons and their effects on the body, you must be terrified of visible light as that is a higher energy photon even higher up in the radio frequency spectrum.

Just out of interest, did you have any concerns when these same frequencies were used with a 1 MegaWatt transmitter? Since they were part of the TV spectrum that was used at Crystal Palace from 2012 - 2018.

That's true. you also have to worry about nutters coming along and trying to set fire to it or pull it down.

Brings this to mind: 


...replace the monolith with a 5G mast... 



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