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Im. not sure anyone will be interested but I just thought I would share. It was my dads 89th birthday today and as he can’t see any of our family I thought I would cheer him up by getting him Manzes pie and mash for his birthday dinner . You can order it from their website and they deliver it beautifully boxed up and chilled with cooking instructions , you can also freeze it for another time.  He was over the moon. He said it was as good as going to the shop . 
so if anyone fancies something different for a change 

hope everyone is doing ok , thanks Tina. 

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What a brilliant idea for him. The flavours would have brought back so many great memories. F Cooke on Hoxton Market do takeaway too. 

You can buy the Cooke one frozen in sainsbury, I have got him that before but he said this was even better . As a family we all Had pie and mash once a week when we were little , apart from me I wouldn’t touch it ! . 

I took my young son for his first try quite recently. He liked the sawdust on the floor but quite rightly hated the liquor. He had a lot of questions about the pie filling and wondered why the mash was so dry. An acquired taste.

Good lad giving it a go. I had completely forgotten about sawdust on the floor how funny.  

Oh no you can’t have gravy that’s all wrong ! Yes everyone uses loads of salt and vinegar on it . 

I didn’t know that.  Think I might get him one for Christmas ! 

Thank-you for sharing ! What a good idea.

Hi Tina the packet of Pie n Mash you bought in Sainsburys is spelt COOKS not COOKE! Nothing to do with the Cooke family! Its made by an independent food processing company. Thought I would make it clear that its not Cookes of Hoxton.



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