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I had a fantastic time at the opening party of the inHOUSE Film Festival in the Warehouse District last night. There are still 4 days more to come tonight till Sunday!!

Here are a few pictures from last night.

The event was based in the ExFed Building - a former FedEx warehouse.

The first installation I came across was a huge long canvas which was rolled along as shifts of three artists painted on it accompanied by an assortment of musicians. Could have be pretentious - it was actually very enjoyable:

There was a bar a few food counters and lots of warehouse folk:

Another installation was by Hannie P (Hi Hannie) who had made an intriguing sound installation from old studio lights. Give it a whirl if you go:

Opposite Hannie was a compilation photo wall which represents two years of Finnish photographer Ossi Possi Piispanen's work:

At the entrance with the Maynard's factory in the distance:

Guests at the party:

And, like last year's Mayday Party in Catwalk, there was some great music:

And finally, I grabbed a couple of video clips - not enough to do justice to the whole event, but enough to add a little flavour:

Thank you to Alay for inviting me and Liz. We both had a great time. This is the third event I've been to in the Warehouse District now and every one had been excellent. I'd urge you to go to one (or more) of the remaining event days. More info on the event website.

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Yes I'm bitter that the cool people of Harringay (You, Liz and Andy Newman, hell half the GLSG apparently) were invited and I was not. This exclusive event was... exclusive. It would be like me posting my birthday party pictures online.

Try tonight, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Oh I only want to go if it's exclusive. You won't be going on those nights will you Mr CoolPerson?

With limited resources, the organisers have attempted to promote this to the wider local community as much as able John. Several posts on HOL and also doing the door to door flyering.

The launch night was for the contributing artists who got 2 guest tickets each, also photoraphers and press. I think hugh got his ticket on charm! the rest of the festival is open to all, try and go, not least to see mine and my daughters artwork in the smaller venue opposite.

I was invited as press, I guess, but I've also gotten to know some of the people there. I pointed Alay the organiser towards Ron a few weeks back to se if we could get some of he Warehouse folk involved in the festival. A couple of GLSG members were invited on a scouting trip.

Oh come on Phil, it's an event space! Give it a break. This isn't a living area. Until yesterday afternoon it was full of junk.

They had indeed. Try and get along to one of the remaining days.

when I tripped it was nothing to do with the wine then but the floor.

Did you try the Ketamine?

Not knowingly.

You're just so cool.



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