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For HoLiners who would like to sign and support this Petition.

It asks the Council to support the call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and

to divest its pension fund from companies complicit in the illegal occupation of Palestine and the ongoing military onslaught in Gaza. Thanks. 


Note: this Petition is for people who live, work or study in Haringey.

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Gordon Farcas, you may have left out mention of the children of Gaza.

I read your last posted comment and of course you are right that the barrage of Iranian missiles and drones could have murdered thousands of people in Israel. Including very many children. That it didn't appears to be due not to some fantastical "iron dome" but the "telegraphing" by Iran and co-operation between - at least - Israel, the USA, the UK, and Jordan. And, according to the BBC, Iran notifying other countries about missiles and drones due to pass over their territory, They in turn shared this warning, which enabled military preparedness. Including - it seems for Jordan to shoot down slow moving drones.

Very occasionally I read the Israeli journalist Anshel Pfeffer and find he says perceptive things. He wrote an article claiming that: "the war in Gaza ended without anyone even noticing".  So obviously Mr Pfeffer doesn't read the U.S. journalist Chris Hedges who was a war correspondent and now posts a regular report.  On 3rd April 2024 Chris Hedges posted a piece called: "The Death of Amr".

Here's the link. The posted text is read by Eunice Wong, a Chinese Canadian actor.

On 16 April 2024 I posted above - see second paragraph - my comment about the barrage of Iranian missiles and drones fired at Israel. As well as deep relief about the avoidance of widespread loss of life and destruction,  I also suggested this outcome may have been at least partly due to the notification/warnings by Iran, and co-operation among Israel's allies and neighbours.

I suggested that, rather than demonstrating a metaphorical "iron dome", this barrage illustrated Iran using a warning to deter to further shooting-off weapons.
In a more sane world, statesman would respect each other's diplomatic buildings. And instead of bombing them to murder the occupants, would meet one another maybe with mediators to do international deals using diplomacy.
This could have the further advantage of not harming bystanders - including children.

Five days ago Piers Morgan invited Professor Seyed Mohammad Marandi, a very subtle and interesting Iranian on Morgan's online show. Link here:



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