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Petition to save the field in Chestnuts Park. Will you sign before Monday?

When Amit the Chair of Gardens Residents Association suggested yesterday that we start a petition about our objections to the planning committee on Monday, I wasn't sure there was enough time to get enough signatures. I knew that lots of local people know that our objections are correct, but I feared not getting enough signatures in time. 
I was wrong. The petition has taken off. 
Will you sign? https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/protect-chestnuts-park

And do join us on Monday evening at George Meehan House around 6.50pm to come in at 7pm and support me and Amit making our 3 minute presentations to planning sub committee members? 

You can watch the meeting online. We're on around 7.15pm. https://bit.ly/focp23

For more info, see my original post on this site from a few months ago, asking for submissions to the planning website. I've just noticed that the site appears still to be taking comments, even though the deadline has past. If you haven't commented there, do go ahead and try. https://publicregister.haringey.gov.uk/pr/s/planning-application/a0...

Let us know if you have any queries. 

Ceri, Chair of Friends of Chestnuts Park

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I've signed, thanks for sharing. 


Cut to the chase, Ceri.

If you think the Council is going to pump polluted waste water into the park, that's the lede. 

Say that then ask for people to sign a petition against it. 



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