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We are looking for a sitter with experience of looking after cats and dogs to stay in our home during the times when we are away. We travel a few times a year so someone who is looking for regular sitting would be great. We live in N4 off of Green Lanes in a house with a garden. The sitter will not need to walk the dogs as we have a walker (due to their age and the distance from the park). The boys are super loving and very well behaved.

If anyone has any recommendations, I would be really grateful. We go away in 6 weeks and have been let down by the person we had booked so urgent request.

Thanks in advance,


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can also recommend Vicky, she cat sits for us.

Well if your planning ahead, it's got to be Catman Steve. He stays over, in fact looks after quite a few peoples cats round here. I have gone from hardly ever going away, to now going away a lot,planning my holidays around when Steve can stay over. But he is very busy so you need to book in plenty of time

Hi Mindy

Hope you got sorted out for your trip in March.  Wondered if you need anyone to pet sit over the summer or from June.  My partner who is an Italian man in his fifties - super trustworthy and with lots of local recommendations - would be very interested as he comes to visit from mid June til September and is looking for places to stay locally.  As a countryman he loves all animals and could even do a bit of maintenance work/gardening for you if needed (he's a designer architect by trade) I live off Green Lanes too so I'm a local "girl".  Feel free to contact me on 0771 2020886 or by PM.  Thanks, Theresa

Hi Mindy,

We use David Blackwell (mentioned here in a previous post and also on the cat sitting conversation).  I knew him before he cat sat for us so wasn't worried.  He is an Oxford graduate, extremely trustworthy and reliable.  He also has a full-time job, and grew up with a cat so he's very competent.  He house/cat sits for free (if near his work, but if too far, he may charge a small amount), as that allows him to save money by not renting a flat.  I know he has a few clients now around London.  We've used him since last year, each time we've gone on holiday for periods from 2 days to 2 weeks, and will use him again this summer for an extended period.

I've also met Steve (Cool for Cats) who is also fabulous!  He's been cat/house sitting for a long time so is extremely popular and gets booked up months in advance.


I notice that a lot Jessica. Puts me off ever offering to help.

Hi Jessica
I posted one of the recommendations above. I can't see any messages or missed calls from you but sorry if you have tried to get in touch. Please do PM me again if so or call on 07712020886. Thanks.

Hello - i'm mentioned earlier too, hope I haven't missed any mails, but there's no record of any.  Could be available next week, but am already booked for the rest of the month, sorry (and indeed for most of the rest of 2016 and early 2017, though have some free dates in july,

steve - 07948 517583

Hi Mandy , I can recommend francesco
He's been house and pet sitting for me over half term,, cat was very well looked after, house was kept clean and tidy. Always nice to know our animals can have a cuddle anytime.
Francesco has also built some amazing industrial shelving units for me too
So diy, pet ,house sit you could go away and have bits and bobs completed



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