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We are looking for a sitter with experience of looking after cats and dogs to stay in our home during the times when we are away. We travel a few times a year so someone who is looking for regular sitting would be great. We live in N4 off of Green Lanes in a house with a garden. The sitter will not need to walk the dogs as we have a walker (due to their age and the distance from the park). The boys are super loving and very well behaved.

If anyone has any recommendations, I would be really grateful. We go away in 6 weeks and have been let down by the person we had booked so urgent request.

Thanks in advance,


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Happy to help out? PM me if you're interested .....

Hi Mindy. I can personally recommend Lauren and Alan who are well known in the neighbourhood and on here and are very trustworthy and brilliant with animals and of course they are local.

Steve does free house sitting/cat sitting www.coolforcats.webeden.co.uk .

David does free house sitting/cat sitting 07835248775 or email davidblackwell.artist@gmail.com

I don't know if Steve or David look after dogs as well, but as you've got walks covered, maybe they do.

You will find recommendations for them on the Cat Sitting Group

Thanks Justine for recommending Alan and me, Mindy can reach us on 07847380123.

Thanks for recommending me - Mindy has been in touch, unfortunately i'm already booked for the required dates - i'll be posting my free dates for 2016 soon once some other confirmations are in.


I can recommend Lauren and Alan . They sat for our 3 month old Cockapoo and 3 cats on a number of occasions over the Christmas period and I will certainly use them again whenever the need arises. Lauren has given her number above

Mindy, not Mandy. Sorry.
Thanks Kieran, always a pleasure :)

Hi Mindy !

What would be your date, I might be able to help you depending on where about on N4 do you live. I'm a registered Vet Nurse.

Also, a collegue just create her own company. I'm sure she will find somebedy to help you : http://petsit.london. Their are only professional veterinary pet sitter.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. 

Liily, I have added you as a contact so will PM you.

Hi Lilly. I can't get on to your friend's website. Do you have any other contact details for her that you could share? Thanks

It works fine for me. Maybe try a google search on "pet sit london vet" :s

I can also personally recommend Vicky www.happydogsandcats.co.uk/pet-behaviour-services/cat-sitting/

She doesn't stay over, but she visits to feed and is wonderful with cats and dogs and has a lot of regular clients locally.

She's also a cat behaviour expert and dog trainer.



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