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I live in Stroud Green and after a few days with the lurgy, I emerged this morning to find a penalty notice on my  because my parking permit had expired, a few days ago. I received no letter of renewal reminder again this year. Did anyone else receive or not receive a renewal reminder and get caught out ?

Aside from having to pay the fine before I can apply online for a permit, I now discover that I actually need the letter they failed to send me to get the reference number to apply for the permit as it changes each year, so even if I pay the fine online right now, I still cannot apply for a permit to print out, as the reference number is on the letter they forgot to send me. So, according to their disclaimer "Please note that whilst we do send reminder letters, it remains a resident's responsibility to renew their resident permit"

So, in short,  I would have needed to remember to remind them that they had forgotten to send me a reminder in order to apply for my permit in the first place. Meanwhile my car is parked illegally outside the house I have occupied for 28 years (20 years of which I have paid for a parking permit) This is  so wrong on every level.

It does not make any logical sense that anyone would * intentionally* try and avoid this payment, as potentially it could add up to £14,000 worth of fines in a year  ! It is another stealth tax pure and simple, but unlike other parking penalties, they have now tied it up, so I have to pay before I can appeal (IF I  can even appeal - I'm not even sure if I can to be honest) It just stinks ! I wonder what would happen if DVLA employed the same devious tactics.  Meanwhile my car is parked illegally outside my house. Any advice ?

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does anyone know If I still have a right of appeal once I pay this fine ? 

Had exactly the same happen to me.

"Please note that whilst we do send reminder letters, it remains a resident's responsibility to renew their resident permit". This should read, "Sometimes we completely forget to send out reminders, obviously we normally do send them out so that you do get used to relying on these reminders, but when we do forget, tough luck."

Maybe it's just me, but i've never failed to receive a reminder to renew car/house etc insurance. Don't have to think too long or hard to see a reason for the different approaches.

If they do send out reminders consistently, why is this disclaimer even needed?

They manage to send out their copies of Haringey People propoganda on a regular basis.

On a more helpful point, this website is excellent for advice on all things parking ticket related: http://www.pepipoo.com/forums/

It would be interesting to know where you stand if they renew your permit to run for a year from the date of expiry of your old permit (as I suspect they will), as they will then have issued you with a permit to cover your car, as well as ticketed you for not having a permit.

Haringay renewed ours from the new start date,

in addition i just read the following on here 

You can't appeal if you've paid the fine


"Paying the fine is considered an admission of liability. However, if you've been clamped or towed away you have to pay to get your motor released, after which you can appeal"

this mean that if i pay the fine i cannot appeal against it. IF i don't pay the fine, I cannot renew my permit, and so my car remains illegally parked ouside my house, incurring more fines. how can that even be legal ? !

The same think happened to me, but I emailed them and they sent me the reference number to renew the next day. I got two tickets during that time and appealed them on the grounds that I didn't have the reference number and when I phoned the parking line, the message said it was busy and to call back later. I stated that as it was not even possible to wait in a queue to get the number, and had sent an email request on the expiry date, I had made all reasonable attempts to renew my permit.

That was a week and a half ago and I haven't heard anything yet, which I take as a good sign, as my last two parking appeals just disappeared into the ether and I never heard anything about them again. 

They did the same to me over 7 years ago.  Apparently a technical issue or moving departments prevented them from sending out these reminder letters that we rely on.  Lots of people were subsequently clamped like myself.  Even the clampers apologised to us and knew Haringey were pulling a fast one.

I made a formal complaint and after stage three they finally admitted that they failed in their duty to send me a reminder letter as these reminder letters constituted "accepted practice" on account that they had continually sent them out (for years).

Once they agreed that, all I had to do was go to the ombudsman and win compensation for the clamping fee, time, costs, inconvenience, distress, etc you name it.

A family issue at the time prevented us from doing so, although I deeply regret this now.  My advice to you is make a formal complaint, ask them directly if sending the reminder letters constituted "accepted practice" - they cannot deny this as they have always sent the letter to you, but this occasion they failed.  Once they have done that, you can ask for payment of any clamp/ fines you incur.  (Call them also to get your resident reference number as well so you can order your permit.)

If they still refuse after you go through their complaints procedure, ask the ombudsman to look into it - Haringey are also duty bound to tell you how to do it!  The ombudsman will order Haringey to re-imburse you with all your costs, etc.

I recently received a ticket for parking in front of Tottenham Leisure Centre not realising they were resident parking bays (I did buy a pay & display ticket though!). The confusion arose because these bays were yellow - the same colour as the pay & display markings in the car park (which was full).  I appealed and asked if they were aware that traffic regulations stated that resident bay markings should be in white, plus their markings were faded, etc.  They responded by not admitting anything - they just cancelled my penalty notice charge.  This in my mind was entrapment but they are not that stupid to admit it.

Good luck against the gestapo.



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