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Hello there.

I'm flying next week and need to show a negative PCR test on boarding.

Anyone got any idea where I might be able to get one done locally?

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I got mine sent through the post. The local pharmacy on Green Lanes charges stupid prices. Otherwise try Dr Tap which seemed more reasonable.

These are given out free


hope this helps.

You are not meant to use those ones for travel.

Green light pharmacy to pre flight PCR test, government approved ; cost: £79 for results within 48 hrs and £119 if you want results within 2 hrs. These are reasonable prices compared to many others . They are by Salisbury pub

I think that's a complete rip-off. You can find much cheaper options online. I used Randox for my day 2 test and that was fine

If the timing works for you (in terms of number of hours pre-departure) then Randox is the cheapest. I used them for post-arrival testing over the summer and it was very efficient - you do the test at home and then drop the completed kit off at a dedicated drop box in Highbury (about a 15 min bike ride for me): https://covid.randox.com/pre-departure/ 

Perhaps too late to help OP but for anyone else stumbling upon this thread, see https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/travel/how-to-find-the-cheapest-p...



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