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so im getting part of my back repaved, but I have absolutely no idea, but I have heard there are sales on until end of tomorrow, so was hoping to get them in time. 

If Im right concrete is not as good, sand stone is better. went into Wicks, and B and Q this morn- waste of time, they had even less idea than me

basically i want something which will last long time , easy to clean, looks good and reasonably priced

Jeeson have a sale on of Indian sandstone but you have to buy a pack of 15square m and my area is only 9ft by 15ft

 Any advice i would be so grateful

I was going to get Radek to do it after recommendations from here, but it is just so expensive

thanks in advance

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This is one of those "how long have you got" subjects.  The options are far wider than the two you've given.  I'm a big fan of slate but it shatters easily so not good if you are planning to put furniture on it.  Look at "simplypaving.com".

Slate won't shatter if it's laid by a competent person - mine has been down a few years and takes quite a hammering! It can work out very expensive though!

9x15ft is about 12.5sqm.

Ah that is so helpful.

Could I ask you who you are using to do it? I am looking to re-pave my back and front gardens too...

Hi Tigha

Personally I'd go for stone over a 'composite' all day long. If looked after, natural stone improves with age, concrete deteriorates. You'll find plenty of advice online particularly about ethical sourcing etc.

As important, if not more, as what is laid is how it is laid. I've heard many a horror story particularly from David O'Doherty, who laid mine, of frankly appalling workmanship. A solid foundation will mean your patio with last and last - poorly done and you could be having it relaid within a couple of years! So it maybe expensive but it's well worth getting it done properly. Good luck.

Im waiting for david O'Doherty to price it up, but will prob go with him. am assuming you were happy with his work Steve

Yeah, great job - reminds me I need to give it a reseal! What I've found with Dave is he prides himself in doing a quality job and his prices are honest. He's not always the cheapest but often he is and the peace of mind of knowing you're getting a decent job done is worth it's weight in gold. He'd rather not get a job than cut corners resulting in an inferior job, particularly important with a patio. Again good luck.

Indian Sandstone will look much nicer than concrete. Though it's weight loading is lower. I presume you're not planning on parking on it?

15m/2 is just over what you need, so should allow for cuts with minimal wastage.

Concrete slabs can look like York stone after a few years once the moss works into it. Plant some 'mind your own business' in between and it can look really nice.

Well David Doherty did the job, fitted in with me coming back from holiday

He and his lovely team are brilliant, super efficient, professional, done a great job. It looks fantastic and after all the rain, all the water has drained away perfectly

Not only that, but they are lovely guys. David helped me out in so may ways. At the end of the day, you pay for what you get. In fact I got a quote off Radek also from recommendation off this site- well he was several hundred pounds more expensive, and kept me hanging about for weeks. i think he has over priced himself now

whereas David is solid, also threw in a load of free paving stones for me as I ddint have enough

So he is coming to do some more work for me in september



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