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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

The finest Italian restaurant for miles around, in my humble opinion, has now reopened.

I was beginning to get concerned that it would remain takeaway only (the kitchen is also used to prepare food for their Kentish Town sister restaurant Anima e Cuore which reopened a while back).

However I’ve just had the most amazing stew from there and it’s immediately reminded me of what fantastic luck it is to have such a culinary gem on our doorsteps.

Yum. Yum. Yum.

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Happy to see it's reopened, it beats any Italian I've been to elsewhere. The menu and quality of the food is excellent, I'll definitely be paying them a visit soon!

It’s great, we love it here - however the terrible rubbish problem at the back of the restaurant ( we live down the road) is a bit of a turnoff - I hope they can address that.

on a similar topic, does anyone know if L’Oasi pizza across the street has been bought out or changed management? It seems to me it has but not quite sure 

Yeah I’m also on the same road and the yard directly behind the restaurant has been really neglected & looks like a bit of an eyesore to be honest, which is a shame if they’re responsible for it. Hopefully it’ll be dealt with eventually, because as you say it could be a turnoff for those visiting the area who haven’t been to the restaurant.

Sadly a disaster area.......ordered pizzas from them last Monday through uber eats,  took 45 mins to arrive, wrong order and tepid when they did arrive. I live very close to restaurant but never again, they weren't very tastey when we had warmed them up!!!!

Out of interest.....there's another pizza place on the opposite corner to Passione e Tradizone, really good and tastey,   Try them, it's worth it!!

Did it occur to you that maybe Uber Eats were to blame? Whenever I get poor takeaway it’s rarely the restaurants fault.

Dan @ L’Oasi opposite also makes fine pizza but they are from different regions of Italy so different fare. Both equally delicious.

Never heard anyone question the quality of either restaurants food though...

The pizza was just not tastey!!!  Don't use uber eats often but have never had a problem with them.

Each to their own. My tummy is thankful that you are in a singular minority.



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