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I was very sad to hear this evening that Passione e Tradizione on West Green Road will be closing down at the end of November / beginning of December. They have been able to keep going throughout lockdown by being an exceptional pizza takeaway place.

The staff will be moving to Anima e Cuore in Kentish Town from Dec/Jan time. At present, Anima e Cuore is an Italian restaurant only but from January they will also be a pizzeria. 

Heads up - get your final pizzas before it goes!

(Will be replaced by a Brasilian restaurant apparently but I don't have any details)

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What a shame. We have kept asking them what’s happening but hadn’t heard. The same people work in or own lo sfizio deli near it- hope it’s staying. 

That is a shame - we never got to visit but I heard it was great.

L'oasi across the road does great takeaway pizza (though delivery took 1.5 hours last time I tried that...), as does Durazzo on Green Lanes.

I wonder if the Brasilian restaurant might be run by the new butchers, Braseef, down the road?

I really hope Lo Sfizio sticks around though, as we're not overrun with Italian delis...

Real shame to see them go, it was an exceptionally good restaurant that offered something different for the area.

Oh how sad. I really wanted then to open properly for pasta again!

No idea what their pizzas were like, but it was a serious Italian restaurant, the only one for miles. Covid strikes again, I'm afraid....

Has this actually closed? It still looks pretty open when I've gone past, but has it changed hands or had a reprieve?

it originally opened as a prep kitchen for Anima e Cuore in Kentish Town so maybe it's gone back to that now. Plus pizza delivery.

It's a Brazilian place now with new ownership, they just haven't changed the old signage or a lot of the internal decor from what I've seen.



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