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Meet the Parr Family who lived at 44 Seymour Road in the early years of the Twentieth Century. I've come across a wonderful Edwardian photo album of theirs which gives us some nice clues about life on the Ladder 110 years ago. 

Most of the photos seem to have been shot in 1902-1903. Although it goes beyond Harringay, most of the images I'm going to share are local or nearby.

Dad, Henry W Parr, was 40 in 1903. He worked as a commercial traveller. His wife Eliza was 41 and seemed not to have been working during this part of her life. Eldest son Henry A Parr was 25 and worked as a publisher's clerk. Younger sin Stanley was 14 and still at school. Last but not least, meet Jack, the family dog.

Henry W Parr

Eliza Parr

Henry A Parr

Stanley Parr

More Parr family photos soon.............

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Second set now published here

Here's a snippet about the Parr's next door neighbour from the Islington Gazette on 28 July 1898.



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