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Meet the Parr Family who lived at 44 Seymour Road in the early years of the Twentieth Century. I've come across a wonderful Edwardian photo album of theirs which gives us some nice clues about life on the Ladder 110 years ago. 

Most of the photos seem to have been shot in 1902-1903. Although it goes beyond Harringay, most of the images I'm going to share are local or nearby.

Dad, Henry W Parr, was 40 in 1903. He worked as a commercial traveller. His wife Eliza was 41 and seemed not to have been working during this part of her life. Eldest son Henry A Parr was 25 and worked as a publisher's clerk. Younger sin Stanley was 14 and still at school. Last but not least, meet Jack, the family dog.

Henry W Parr

Eliza Parr

Henry A Parr

Stanley Parr

More Parr family photos soon.............

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It was there, but easily missed I’m sure. Good luck with your hunt.
These are so fantastic, thank you Hugh (and everyone else for your investigations). I love the pictures of the garden - it seems very Harringay, especially the fence. When I moved in (same road) my garden liked almost exactly like this. But am intrigued by the area on the right near the house - some kind of plant covered pergola-type thing?

PS Wish we had those back windows!

I think the plant covered pergola-type thing is a fairly roughly thrown together pergola-cum-lean-to. There's another photo showing vertical trellis supporting the part nearest the garden. I'll post that next time.

With regard to the French windows, it looks to me as though that was what was in the pattern book for the row of six houses of which No 44 is part (Use 3D view on Google Maps).

It is possible that Stanley could have been employed here (but there seem to be a number of motor companies back then).

What surprises me is how a not exactly well off family could afford a camera, particularly one which produces pretty good quality photos. Or was that the norm?

The Brownie box camera started to be sold in 1900 and introduced fairly low cost photography to the masses. Below is an early selfie taken with a box Brownie in around 1900. 

But, who knows, maybe Henry W was a salesman for a camera company!

I really like photos with other photos or albums in them. I have a collection of old albums and to see the albums I have, in photos from the 1920s, is a real connector.  Katharina Holtz - her albums https://www.flickr.com/photos/isarsteve/albums/72157605682129239

A 1900s selfie !!  There are some fab shots there.. What looks like Henry A in a white shirt.. Yes, the family (or Eliza) are keen photographers and have/has talent.

and more interesting.. why have they covered over the gas/electric ?? light  on the ceiling ??

Is that wooden ceiling a Harringay ceiling?

Sorry if I wasn’t clear that selfie is not part of the Parr collection.

Oh !

I wonder if the telephone number is of any significance? TOTtenham 1915 :-) I guess the TOTtenham number is the Showroom on Green Lanes and the HORnsey number is Falkland Road??

I grew up on the ladder in Allison Road in the 50's and we originally had french doors that led on to the garden. As you entered our house there were two rooms to the right before you carried on towards the back of the house to another room and a galley kitchen which also had a door to the outside. Those two rooms had double doors between them and then french doors that went from the second room onto the garden. At some point my parents changed them to a window for some reason. I must search my old photos to see if any of them show the doors.

Wow.  Brilliant pictures Hugh.  Jack the dog looks a character



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