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Meet the Parr Family who lived at 44 Seymour Road in the early years of the Twentieth Century. I've come across a wonderful Edwardian photo album of theirs which gives us some nice clues about life on the Ladder 110 years ago. 

Most of the photos seem to have been shot in 1902-1903. Although it goes beyond Harringay, most of the images I'm going to share are local or nearby.

Dad, Henry W Parr, was 40 in 1903. He worked as a commercial traveller. His wife Eliza was 41 and seemed not to have been working during this part of her life. Eldest son Henry A Parr was 25 and worked as a publisher's clerk. Younger sin Stanley was 14 and still at school. Last but not least, meet Jack, the family dog.

Henry W Parr

Eliza Parr

Henry A Parr

Stanley Parr

More Parr family photos soon.............

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Have collated some military Info on Henry A. Parr..  will post later. Have found nothing on Stanley tho'

Well done, Stephen. I look forward to reading it. 

@Joe  Improved public transport may have also been a factor in the move northwards.

The tramways along Green Lanes were electrified in 1904, and that brought higher overall speeds, so an electric journey say, from Palmers Green to Moorgate in 1905, would have taken as long as a horse drawn one from Harringay in 1901/02.

The streets in N13 & N8 are in fact, very similar, both running off the main drag with its transport possibilties.

Thanks Stephen. A nice bit of sleuthing. That makes more sense.

Nonetheless Henry W was still showing his age. At 50, he still looked more like we’d expect someone to look today who’s ten to twenty years older.

I was wondering yesterday how such a treasure trove was discarded by the the family's descendants. I wonder if Henry A or Stanley had any children?

Still looking.. Henry W married Eliza Giblett in 1876 making Henry A. Legit.

Great stuff. I have some sense that by understanding a little more of one early Ladder family, we get a wider sense of the whole picture.

To find a  marriage for Henry A. is not so easy.. There are three that could possibly be him 1915, 1921, 1941, - at least perhaps more than one?

From the Henry A marriage 1915 .. there was a son, Donald LG Born 1920

From the Henry A marriage 1921 .. there were three children Take your pick..!

Stephen and Joe, I love the way you guys pick up these historical posts, dig around and make them so much more than they were originally.

The rarest survivors are the original wrought iron fences. I can think of two.

I'd love to see some pics of such fencing for reference to try to recreate one day for my house here. I like the Warham Road backside shot. Nice to see all the houses with original roofing and appointments.

You can use the picture above for a start. Then the two surviving fences I’m aware of are towards the top of Allison and by the passage on Lausanne.

Oh right--the King Edward coronation photo I don't think was in the original set you published. I checked out the Lausanne Road one per the story via Google street view and I'll do the same with Allison Road. The Parr family one is the one I would reckon most likely akin to what was originally with my house since I live not far from Seymour Road, whereas Lausanne has a different style.

I am as interested in the design of the original fencing under the iron railings as this is as much a part of the aesthetic that has been largely lost.



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