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Can someone please clear up my confusion. Im on Allison Rd in the green lanes A GLA zone. My friend who lives on Conway rd in the Green lanes B GLB says I can park in that zone too. Is this right? And would one of my scratch card visitor permit work there? there is very little clarity on the council website. 

thanks lizzie 

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Green Lanes A & B permits are interchangeable. I emailed the parking service a while back and had a reply confirming it.

brilliant! thank you! x

Resident permits can be used in both zones, but I believe visitor permits can not. I live in GL B and can park here and in GL A, but I think my GL B visitor permits cannot be used in GL A.

I rang the council to query this and got confirmation. A and B are indeed interchangeable and so are the scratch card visitor permits. Which begs the question...What is the point of us being labelled A and B? 

Thanks for your help. I’ve recorded the conversation if anyone gets caught out.  Best wishes lizzie 

Zone B is less restrictive, I.e. no visitors parking scratch card needed on Saturday. Zone A is not exempt on Saturday for scratch cards. Other zones are also less restrictive re scratch cards than Zone A (which primarily covers the Ladder roads) - eg: crouch  end roads.

thanks x



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