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Is it possible to get them from the council area in Wood Green library? I really struggled in my online attempt...

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Hi there; Yes you can. Go into the library and say exactly that. They might try to give you online help. If that’s not good you insist that you get some paper visitor permits. That should work. If it doesn’t get back to me. James 

Thank you! 

Can you really still get paper permits? When I asked this online, I was told they were no longer available (and that virtual ones were more convenient!)

I went to the Library in Wood Green, had to wait for about 5 mins and ordered a bunch, absolutely no problem and they will be valid until the end of 2025.

I ordered mine at Marcus library, 

Paid. They do not hand over on the spot as used be, now they will post. 

Unnecessary cost to services.

you need a photo ID and address proof (a council tax letter/email is the best)

Thanks very much. Glad to hear this.



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