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Does anyone know the reason for blocking all the free parking space around Alexandra Palace & Alexandra Palace Way?

Free parking is a long established benefit of anyone wishing to visit the palace, walk their dog etc. An Act of Parliament requires keeping the palace and grounds “available for the free use and recreation of the public forever.” However, the purpose-built free parking bays and the ‘secondary’ car park were recently completely blocked off.

The recent boy-racer problem does not seem to justify these changes. Absent another explanation, a cynic may suggest that revenue generation is the only plausible reason - obliging visitors to pay to park at the (historically free) car park at the top of the hill. This car park now closes at 19:00, altogether preventing parking after this time.

Parking changes proposed last year were referred to here:

The recent night time road closure is mentioned here: https://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/night-time-closure-of-alexandra-palace-way-until-further-notice?commentId=844301%3AComment%3A1251953

Is there a thread here about the complete withdrawal of free parking in this area? When will free parking be restored? 

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My understanding the Alexandra Park, is part of Haringey's parks

Which Rate Payer contribute towards with their High Rate Bills. Especially those living close to the Park

Aware there has been no recent events in the buildings or Bottom Car Park

So they are currently short of Funds

But I wonder how much of the Car Park charges will reach the Parks required running Budget              As I understand that Parking will be operated by a outside Contractor. As current Council does not seem willing or able to operate Service Contracts

problem of parking at Ally Pally particularly on the hill towards Alexandra Park Station is that it is dominated by commuters parking free and long term . why not have 2 hour free parking / after that you pay

Alexandra Park and Palace is a charitable trust. Providing parking for free comes at a cost to the charity (c£400,000 a year). This money could be better spent on maintaining and repairing the building and parkland, which would enable more of the Palace to be enjoyed by the people, our beneficiaries.


Majority that go to Alexandra Palace for for Fresh Air and views. Not the Building or events

As stated how much will the trust get from Parking Charges. As I doubt if many Events will be held there if there is a extra cost to park

The decisions made on your behalf mean that: 

  • Going by car to Alexandra Palace for Fresh Air and views is no longer possible at all after 7pm.
  • Stopping, however briefly, anytime, is no longer possible, in the now-blocked-off parking bays.

Joys of current Councilors elected on Party Lines

Who do not seem to care about the people that elected them or pay their growing expense Bills

After 7pm is due to people causing major issues in the evening. As We do not live in a Police State or have a support National Guard the only answer is to shut the facility down

The recent ‘major issues’ led to the temporary closure of the road at night (South Terrace). Not to the permanent closure of the parking bays (which, as far as I am aware, have been largely trouble-free for several decades). Is there any online reference anywhere, to the reason/decision to block off all the parking bays, day and night?

Attached photo shows the creative foresight of the genius who decided to block all parking bays 24/7 - for the sake of generating a few extra pounds from the car park (which closes 7pm): Forcing local visitors to park ON the road.



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