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Does anyone know the reason for blocking all the free parking space around Alexandra Palace & Alexandra Palace Way?

Free parking is a long established benefit of anyone wishing to visit the palace, walk their dog etc. An Act of Parliament requires keeping the palace and grounds “available for the free use and recreation of the public forever.” However, the purpose-built free parking bays and the ‘secondary’ car park were recently completely blocked off.

The recent boy-racer problem does not seem to justify these changes. Absent another explanation, a cynic may suggest that revenue generation is the only plausible reason - obliging visitors to pay to park at the (historically free) car park at the top of the hill. This car park now closes at 19:00, altogether preventing parking after this time.

Parking changes proposed last year were referred to here:

The recent night time road closure is mentioned here: https://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/night-time-closure-of-alexandra-palace-way-until-further-notice?commentId=844301%3AComment%3A1251953

Is there a thread here about the complete withdrawal of free parking in this area? When will free parking be restored? 

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Police already frequently patrol the area to enforce such illegal activities. Cars (including electric cars) are still the preferred / most convenient  or only mode of transport for many. Parking space at the garden centre is limited and reserved for customers. For drivers, the privilege of stopping for a short daily walk in this park, could now cost in excess of £1000 p.a. This seems unfair and unreasonably prevents some from visiting the palace and grounds.

Not a fan of the drive in movies then?

I don't have a problem with the parking personally, I only use it when picking up my teenage daughter from the late night ice skating at silly o'clock in the morning. But it's true, I guess she could walk back.

The parking fee I'd be comfortable paying, if it stays, £3 seems reasonable. 

It was explained to me that it has been costing a huge amount for Ally Pally to patrol and clean up after the massive gatherings that have recenty taken place up there, whilst having lost all their revenue, so the car park charge is a way to redress the balance somewhat. There is free street parking within walking distance if you don't want to pay.

For some elderly people it is difficult or impossible to climb the hill - The freedom to take such visitors to enjoy the views from the palace on a sunny evening such as this is no longer there. Fait Accompli (since parking is no longer available At All after 7pm, irrespective of the charge). Similarly, climbing up and down the hill is likely to take too long for people who may wish to spend their lunch break on the palace grounds. I just wonder what is/was the due process that led to the withdrawal of ALL the free parking space in this special part of Haringey, and/or the cancellation of ANY other parking space (paid for or not) after 7pm?

And the W3 bus has a frequent service - free for the elderly

Well said. It truly boggles my mind that locals - of all people - would complain about being unable to drive to the park. 

The glorious theatre restoration was funded primarily from a lottery grant. 

Copy and pasting names from their website is clever, but making vastly unsubstantiated comments about salaries is not.

A simple bit of research would tell you that of the 8 people you've listed, ONE was on £100k+ at the filing of the 2019 accounts. I assume that's the chief exec, who has overseen an organisation of 160 paid staff in bringing in £16m of revenue. That's worth £100k in any line of work.

"Charity execs shouldn't be well paid" is a knackered old trope. I'd rather her get paid a hundred grand a year to keep Ally Pally going than private motor drivers getting free storage space for their vehicle in a park.

Ally Pally is struggling - not only to cope with the loss of revenue during lockdown, but to cope with the littering and antisocial behaviour of its visitors. There are buses that go to the park, if you object to paying - but I would hope most people understand why the charge has been implemented and would be happy to support such an incredible space. And if you live anywhere in the vicinity and have had to put up with the endless noise at night - all night, sometimes until 5am -  you'd understand why it's been so important to block off these parking areas. 

I don't think it prevents anyone from using the grounds, it's a small charge - and you can always get the bus. 

Long post apologies  - I have no affiliation with AP bar a user of it facilities.


I love the palace and what it offers to Haringey and would happily pay to park ( if i had a car!!) to keep it the amazing space it is. Can you imagine if they had to sell off land for housing or such like just to keep the free parking? Go Ape is a prime example of what they have needed to do to keep funds coming in, its not sustainable to survive if everything is 'free'.

Staff need paying including groundsmen and gardeners to keep the park looking nice, if nothing is open due to covid how can they pay these people? The park then goes to ruin as no one wants to pay £3 (the same as the return bus journey) and then it becomes disused and at risk. As the fire in the 80's shows it can take years to fix the damage done by lack of funds.

From their website

Alexandra Park and Palace is a charitable trust. Providing parking for free comes at a cost to the charity (c£400,000 a year). This money could be better spent on maintaining and repairing the building and parkland, which would enable more of the Palace to be enjoyed by the people, our beneficiaries.


The east wing and theatre refurb was paid for by the Lottery heritage fund for that reason only allocated funds are just that allocated for a distinct use not to allow free car parking - see here https://www.alexandrapalace.com/restoration/overview/

Hope this help their website is an amazing resource for those who want to know more.

Informative comments, but the Reasons for the changes remain obscured. Regardless of empathy towards the stated rationale - to cover the cost of running the car park at the top of the hill - For transparency, perhaps it should be openly stated that this revenue-generating exercise involves blocking off of all the free parking bays on an adopted road, which is maintained at the public expense, the closure of the second car park, and the total prevention of parking in the entire area after 19:00.

I have just seen, but yet to read what seems to be the related consultation details, which may clarify further at: https://www.alexandrapalace.com/restoration/parking-consultation-2/... and the linked proposal document, at: https://assets.alexandrapalace.com/uploads/2019/11/Proposal-Documen...  

Lots of great info in this post, I've always used Ally Pally, even before I lived in the area, but much more since I've lived here.  However during "Lockdown" I've grown to treasure it, and would be sad if we lost any part of it due to lack of funds. You can see loads of people have been using the facilities during lockdown, and I'm guessing that it's taking a lot more effort to keep it clean.   They've also started charging to use the outdoor area outside the Palace, £10 entry for a table for a group of 4/6 (?) , we were walking through their a few weeks ago and fancied a beer.  Not sure if that is a permanent thing but things must be tight.  Personally I love the place and charging for parts of it is ok with me as long as it keeps the wonderful park free to enjoy, just hope it's not the thin end of the wedge. 



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