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Got home today to a Something For You card from Royal Mail which says parcel can be picked up from Finchley Church End DO, Dollis Hill N3 1HQ. I live in Hornsey N8. As far as i know my Sorting Office is in Royal Mail London North Delivery Office Unit, 11-13 Bush Industrial Estate, Station Rd Archway. Anyone else had same issue? Has our Sorting Office relocated again or is the card wrong. No way to check as no way to communicate with incommunicado Royal Mail.

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It'll cost 70p, but for that fee they'll redeliver to a local post office.

When I see they my parcel is coming via the Royal Mail, I always get a sinking feeling. My current experience was to get a text early on Saturday, telling me that my parcel would be delivered by 19:30 that day. It didn't come and I got no more messages. Nothing on Sunday and nothing today either. But the journey history of the parcel was updated today to on my Royal Mail tracking app to show that muy parcel had only been received in London today. 

Hopeless customer service. I've gone for redelivery to my PO for 70p option to ensure I get it

I’m South Tottenham and my local sorting office to collect parcels is shut because, I guess Covid. So it may be the same for you. Confirmed a re delivery but it didn’t turn up. I imagine the post people are inundated with parcels hence the non re- delivery......heaven knows when it will turn up! 
next time I’ll pay the 70p!!

I met a very friendly postwoman today who informed me they are 16 people down currently so post delivery right now is a mess, but it will all arrive in the end.



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