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This week I noticed there were a couple of parakeets nesting in Chestnuts Park.  I've attached a few pictures I took yesterday - very dull weather at the time so they're not the sharpest. 

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We have had them in Bruce Castle park for many years,  they seem quite happy  there.  Some say that they escaped from the aviary at London Zoo when it was damaged in the big storm of 1987.

Yes, they are one of the few types of birds that find the plane trees welcoming! Do come to #chestnutscelebration this Saturday 15 July, especially between 11-12.30pm. We're celebrating the completion of the Willow Garden and community orchard, and are unveiling 5 benches, including a circular bench around this very tree I believe. 

I saw a parakeet last week in my garden Allison Road which was a welcome surprise that cheered my evening. Nice to know they've found a home here :)



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