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Any tips on someone to paint the outside front of a house on the Ladder? Its a typical brick building so the painting is just the white bits around the ground and first floor windows and front door porch. Top of the 1st floor windows look quite high, can it be done just on a ladder or would they need something like scaffolding?  Anyone done it and have an idea on the cost?


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Michael painted our house. He lives on the ladder and is  really good. He did the interior but he should be able to do exterior work 07905 248 747. I can't fault him. 

Hi Ant, we just had ours done. I used Tim after seeing his recommended on here. He used a ladder so no need for scaffolding which can be very expensive.

Here’s his number - 07748 391292

He & his mate were great, would definitely ask him back for any further decorating we need. 


We've been using Tim for years and he's brilliant.

We got ours done for a grand, no scaffolding just ladders, about 3 years ago.



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