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Hello HoL members,

We would like to paint some rooms of our flat (walls, ceilings, doors, skirting):

- 2 bedrooms.

- Hallway, with wardrobes.

- Living room - extension.

We have received a couple of quotations between £2500 and £2900. These are for labor only with a material estimate at max £500. This is our first painting job and the quotes seem quite expensive to us. We would appreciate to hear how these quotes sound to you.

Many thanks for your feedback!


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Seem expensive to me. We had our entire (3 bed/2 recp/ kitchen/extension) house inside, including all woodwork, done for £2,800, not incl. materials- but this was in 2018. I recommended our painter here. Maybe get some more quotes?

Thanks a lot for your comment. I will keep searching for more quotes :-) 

Hi there. Couldn't find who you meant from that link. Would you mind sharing here? 

Thanks and all the best, 


Hello, Valentine,

Try Patryk Magdziak, tel: 0781 432282.

He has done great work for me and his prices are reasonable.




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