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Hello, anyone got any experience of removing paint from a brick wall to then relain with masonry paint? 
can I use a paint stripper and then repaint the wall with  masonary paint? 
or is there a tool

i can hire? 
many advice very much appreciated!! 

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Wouldn't a simple pressure washer do the trick?

How's it going?

I was going to use a heat gun but was a advised against it as it may damage the already delicate bricks so I’m going to get a water based stripper.

jet wash may again be too powerful.

thanks all...

Let us know how it goes. It's a pretty thankless task with a blow torch. I've now got a lovely pattern of the original Victorian blue walls an a later cream coat. I'm almost tempted to leave it!

Hmmm it is and I will! Yours sounds very interesting!

I'll post a pic if I remember.

How's it going?

Hi Hugh, have resorted to warterbased stripper from Wickes for masonry...when the weather is better and i have time going to tackle it and see if it works!!

It's got to be easier than what I'm doing! Let me know how it goes. 



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