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Hello, anyone got any experience of removing paint from a brick wall to then relain with masonry paint? 
can I use a paint stripper and then repaint the wall with  masonary paint? 
or is there a tool

i can hire? 
many advice very much appreciated!! 

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I’ve been doing something similar this week on the rendered walls of what was originally the conservatory at the back of the main part of the house. So render not bricks, but otherwise similar.

I wanted to get the paint off originally because there’s a hundred and twenty five years of painting over paint in poor condition.

I started just scraping with the intention of skimming with Toutpret Fibrex to get an even surface. But then I realised that the last but one coat was a plasticised paint to which nothing is going to stick. So I tried heat and that seems to work very well. It probably depends on what paint has been used, but worth a try. Either way a thankless task!

cheers Hugh thats really helpful are you using a heat gun that would normally be used for stripping paint or something more specific? Im a complete novice here!

i was thinking of using water based stripper but not sure it would be good for the next coat of paint.

Last year I got a cheap blow torch from Amazon to truly murder some ivy that had got itself deeply ingrained in a garden wall. I chose that over the heat gun because it has no wires and I’m outside. But a heat gun should work as well.

I avoid chemical strippers both because I hate using them an the need to clear out all the residue from the surfaces to be painted. 

cheers Hugh ill get one and give it a try sounds like the first option!

Check with the heat gun first and see if heat looks like it will work on your particular paint. 

Ok thank you 

I was going to ask, is there any reason you can’t just paint over it?

I just had part of it repointed and the builder said to protect it I should take the paint off and repaint so thats why i was intending on removing paint...

otherwise (apparantly it doesnt protect the bricks) maybe if all else fails ill resorrt to this!!

I’m not a builder but as far as I’m aware, bricks don’t need paint to protect them. My house, for example, has stood since 1896 without any paint on the bricks and the bricks are just fine. Every house will need repointing sometimes painted or not.

But don’t listen to me, look on the Internet or find some other expertise and check with them.

I'd have thought your first choice would be to scrape off any loose or peeling paint then paint over what's left.

Perhaps ask your builder why he told you to remove existing paint. Perhaps he meant just what I'm suggesting.

Hi - if it's old please test the paint for lead before you get going. Lead test kits are cheap. There's plenty chemical strippers out there (Peel away comes to mind) which is the usual way, but heat gun is also good. Don't repaint brick or pointing, it doesn't protect it, it traps moisture in the masonry and is not good for it. 

I recently had to get masonry paint off a concrete patio after a spillage.  I scrubbed it with paint stripper and then  jetwashed it off, which worked very well although that patch is now a lighter colour than the surroundings!  It could work well for getting the paint out of the pores of the brick.

Of course you need to think about the water run-off if you are going to do that - we were able to contain it.

Thank you I’m going to try a heat gun first and then stripper.



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