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Oyster pre-pay at Harringay – but with a fiendishly complicated twist

Lib Dem Councillor for Stroud Green, Richard Wilson, reports on his blog this week the good news that Oyster pre-pay in finally working at Harringay (And therefore we can assume Hornsey).

But there's a sting in the tail for folks who want to use the facility to travel out beyond Zone 3.

Read more at Richard Wilson's blog......

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No, there has always been a double cap, but it used to matter only if you started your travel before or after 9:30.

Now that NR has introduced an evening peak time for Oyster, as I understand it you'll only qualify for the off-peak cap if no part of your journey falls in this morning (Tube or NR) or evening (NR-only) peak.
This particular fiendish twist was introduced on the tube last year: peak time for single fares isn't the same as peak for capping and travelcards.

Tube and train journeys started between 0630 and 0930, and between 1600 and 1900 are charged at the appropriate peak rate; the rest of the day is off-peak. (Buses, trams, and the DLR have no peak period.)

However, as far as PAYG capping and travelcards are concerned, peak refers only to journeys started between 0430 and 0930.

So you could make a train or tube journey in the afternoon peak, but it would still count towards your day's off-peak cap.

The introduction of NR fares seems to have made Oyster so complicated that TfL aren't publishing a 'fares and tickets' booklet this year, and there aren't fare tables on the website anymore - just a single fare finder.
Well, I stand corrected. This is indeed very confusing, and I'm sure lots of travellers will be caught unaware by these extra "tweaks" they've added.
Finally found it, after a lot more digging. From the proposal sent to Boris by the TOCs and TfL, which he signed off on:

§1.10 PAYG adult fares: "For journeys involving Zone 1, through zonal fares will be calculated as the NR zonal fare plus 110p (the 2009 minimum LU fare for a single zone)."

So if any part of your journey involves both NR and Zone 1, you'll get stung for an additional £1.10. This single-zone fare is also what you'll get charged for touching in and out at the same station.
This would appear to cost the same amount extra as getting the bus up to Manor House, which I often do. As long as it doesn't cost more than that, then that's fair enough - we are in Zone 3 after all.
By the way - I love the idea of 04.30 being considered "peak" time...
I paid £1.10 to go onto the platform at Hornsey yesterday, wait half an hour and then leave again.
That'll teach you to touch in before knowing the state of FCC first! ;)
You better check your card. I got stung for £1.40:

08:19 Hornsey [National Rail] Exit £4.60 £18.60
07:55 Hornsey [National Rail] Entry - £6.00 £14.00

Refunded in due course at Turnpike lane though
£1.40 is correct (see the proposal I linked to above) for a Zone 2-only NR peak fare. £1.10 was the 2009 NR Z2 peak fare, so maybe it was just a fluke?
Hi, it's great that Oyster and Pre-pay have finally arrived at Harringay and Hornsey. Particularly as the system is so beautiully simple and user friendly *cough*. Diamond Geezer has a look at some of the issues here! http://diamondgeezer.blogspot.com/2009_11_01_diamondgeezer_archive....

By the way - does anyone know if you can actually buy Oyster tickets or top up at either station? My guess is not, but I haven't tested it. I did manage to buy a travelcard online and upload it at Hornsey though, so that's something, at least...
It looks like you can top up from the machine on the southbound platform at Hornsey.
It's worth mentioning one of the better-kept secrets of Oyster, which is of interest if you have a Disabled Persons, HM Forces, Senior or 16-25 Railcard.

Take your Railcard and your Oyster card to a tube ticket office, ask them to link the two together, and you'll be able to get discounted off-peak PAG price capping, and (as far as I can work out) discounted NR single fares. The cheaper cap prices are on the TfL website.

The discounted price of £3.35 for zones 2-6 also applies on buses, so if your journeys are all after 0930, you'll be charged that instead of the higher £3.90 one day bus cap.

The discount lasts as long as your railcard does, so you'll need to go back to a ticket office one you renew. Also, when I last did it, I was met with a few blank stares - it might help to bring along a printout of that page to persuade the ticket office bod that it is possible.

(For some reason this discount isn't available to Gold Card holders. Write to Boris about that.)



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