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Oyster pre-pay at Harringay – but with a fiendishly complicated twist

Lib Dem Councillor for Stroud Green, Richard Wilson, reports on his blog this week the good news that Oyster pre-pay in finally working at Harringay (And therefore we can assume Hornsey).

But there's a sting in the tail for folks who want to use the facility to travel out beyond Zone 3.

Read more at Richard Wilson's blog......

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Well the reader at Hornsey was not working at 7am this morning...
It seems that a trip into central is actually cheaper than using the tube aswell...tfl showed a single as 2.00 as opposed to 2.40 on the tube.
Victor meldrews everywhere
I don't believe it is cheaper (I just checked my journey history online): if I touch out at Harringay instead of Finsbury Park (or Highbury & Islington, for that matter) I get hit with an extra zone and the National Rail surcharge traveling to Victoria. That means £2.60 extra every day for a return journey that is one more stop / 2 minutes further. I had hoped it would be only the extra zone charge (around 60p more), which I'd happily pay since it isn't extortionate.
If you travel by train into zone 1, for instance from Hornsey to Kings Cross it is cheaper (£2.60 peak single compared with £2.70 by tube from Turnpike Lane)

However if you make a journey into zone 1 that involves both tube and train you have to pay an extra £1.10 per journey for the privilege.
My understanding from the price capping page on the Oyster section of TfL's website is that the price cap dosen't vary whatever form of transport you use. Have I missed something?
Ah, this is interesting. So it is not about taking NR specifically into Zone 1 -- if I change at Highbury & Islington (Zone 2) and use the Tube to get to Victoria, it still attracts the £1.10 surcharge.
I'm still missing the railways surcharge bit. Can you point me in the right direction please.
So daily price capping is unaffected; what we're talking about are just single journey fares (mind you, my return journey pretty much takes me up to the daily cap now!). TfL is being very vague about it; the best I could find was their "Using Oyster on National Rail" page at which says:

Cheaper fares avoiding Zone 1
If you avoid Zone 1 when using pay as you go on National Rail you'll usually save more money.

Daily price capping on National Rail
If you make lots of journeys in one day using Oyster pay as you go you won't pay more than the price of a Day Travelcard. This is called daily price capping. Price capping applies from 04:30 until 04:30 the following day.
Sounds like it's a wee bit complicated then, but from a purely selfish point of view it looks like the price cap applies.

Is this difference of price cap between peak and off-peak new, does anybody know?
The solution, 2 Oyster cards.

1 for the journey to Moorgate, you tap that out.
Then for the tube remainder of your journey use a separate oyster card.

If they're gonna make things complicated, I'll make them even more complicated... and they wont make as much money out of me :P
Now, if only it was that simple :)

Harringay -> Victoria single: £3.70 peak, £3.10 off-peak.


Harringay -> Highbury & Islington single: £1.80 peak, £1.50 off-peak.
Highbury & Islington -> Victoria single: £2.30 peak, £1.80 off-peak.
Total: £4.10 peak, £3.30 off-peak.

I guess they thought of that.



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