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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Yesterday I was in Town for a piece of work and half a conference. Very often when I travel now I use my pay-as-you-go Oyster, but since I wanted to use Harringay station yesterday I bought a one-day travel card at the ticket office there (payg cards are not yet valid for travel to & from there).

After my morning at the self-consciously funky King's Cross Hub, I arrived back at King's Cross tube station on tube autopilot, and touched in with my payg. Daggnabbit, I've got a 1-day I realised. So I immediately touched out again and re-entered using my 1-day, thinking that it at least would be some basis on which I could claim a refund. Awa' with the faeries!

So I  got on the tube, and then got off at St James's and went and did the same thing again.....at which point I gave up hope of ever getting a refund.

This morning I took a look at my Oyster A/C online and found that since I had an incomplete journey, I ended up being charged £8 yesterday. What a waste. So, in optimistic mood, I rang Oyster and was delighted to find them polite, helpful and understanding and quite ready to give me my refund if I could fax or email them a scan of my 1 day pass (not even a demand for the original to be posted). I imagine they've looked at my history, seen a long period of regular activity, accepted I made an honest mistake and have been ready to refund me without quibble or argument - as good as the M&S refund desk (but I'm sure they checked whether I'd worn the frock the night before!).

After putting the phone down, I reflected that this wasn't the first time. I think I can say that on every occasion that I've contacted them, they've been polite, very human, efficient and helpful. Good for you TfL; good for you Oyster Team. In a world where contacting any type of customer service is a nightmare of digital options and automoton jobsworths, you're a breath of fresh air. When's the next London's unsung heroes award?

PS: In the belief that good feedback should be fed back, I've paused sending my 1-day pass copy in so that I can send them in a copy of this posting on my email.

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Lucky you - I've always found them to be a complete waste of time. They still owe me £17. Last time I spoke to them I told them to forget it and that I was going to take up car journeys again. Trouble is I haven't a licence! Wher's that chaufeur gone?



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