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Oxford Street to be pedestrianised by 2020 ... so Wightman Rd ...

 ... can surely be closed to through traffic in the future, as it currently is during the bridge works. If the planners can deal with the re-routing of all those buses and taxi journeys away from Oxford Street for the pedestrianisation plans, it must be possible to do this for Wightman Road as well.

Living Wightman would do well to have a chat with the new Mayor's office.

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Couldn't reply to you Ant, but in my view, a few broken wing mirrors are a sacrifice worth making.  I can't accept though that making Wightman Road one way is a good idea particularly is you make it one way going from north to south as you would then have all the Jewsons lorries travelling the full length of Wightman Road rather than arriving at the Endymion end where their depot is.

For the millionth time, I don't drive to work and never have done.  I do not cause the weekday rush hour traffic, I want to use public transport which is what everyone tells me is the right thing to do. 

No busses go down Wightman road though sadly so you're held up by traffic and not a road closure. According to Joe's work a fair amount of the traffic that was counted on Wightman Rd would also have been counted on Green Lanes.

Are you trying to claim that there isn't additional traffic on Green Lanes now because of the closure of Wightman Road? Or perhaps you didn't see Michael A's stats on how much longer bus journeys are taking along Green Lanes since the closure of Wightman Road.

You only need a slight increase in "traffic" to get a big increase in congestion. From memory the figures quoted around the introduction of the congestion charging zone were a 3% reduction in traffic would cause a 15% reduction in congestion. I bet the busses are a lot better now that the small amount of morning and afternoon school traffic has gone.

I'm saying that of the 160,000 vehicles a week counted on Green Lanes I think a great deal of them were also counted on Wightman Rd so they're just staying on there instead of cutting through the ladder.

Anyone coming cross borough down Hornsey Park Road and not using Green Lanes has probably been displaced much further away.

Julie, I have no doubt the blocks will be lifted back onto the truck & the traffic hoards will return once the bridge is complete in Sept. There just happens to be a Traffic Survey going on at the same time looking for ideas to reduce traffic in the area, (not just the ladder) and the bridge work road closure has shown many people on the ladder a real time model for traffic reduction. OK, a 95% reduction so maybe too dramatic a change! Hence the cries of foul play from some.

I do wonder if the traffic consultants will come up with anything remotely seriously useful for traffic reduction ideas. Their recent interim report mainly lifted stats (some quite old) from other data gathering organisations and applied pretty basic comment/analysis to it. But lets see.
Very disappointing if that is the case, how many car journeys are made by Haringey Council, recorded through their own traffic plan? and what proportion of council staff live in the borough, promoting the local economy?
It's definitely the case. I doubt very much that any more than a handful of Haringey Council staff drive anywhere whilst on duty or getting to/from work. Where would they park? Do you think the Council has the money for a fleet of cars? When I worked at Redbridge Council less than 50 of their 2,200 staff drove to work and they were mainly maintenance people with small vans. And I think you'll find like most employers, the Council will employ the best person for the job wherever they live.

So who is it uses the huge car park behind the Civic Centre ?

And almost every school seems to have a car park...

Because teachers typically get to work early, leave late and carry piles of books and stuff about. Cars aren't illegal.

Cars are immoral now though. Look at what Volkswagen did.

I see teachers on the tube with bags full of homework all the time, even marking stuff!



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