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Just spotted this on the council site:


"Those who are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine but haven’t yet been invited by the NHS to take it, no longer need to wait for a letter and can now book an appointment online.

People in the first four priority groups which includes all those aged 70 years and over and the clinically extremely vulnerable can book their COVID-19 vaccination appointment by visiting www.nhs.uk/covid-vaccination (external link) or calling 119 for free.  

Eligible people can also book an appointment at a vaccination centre or community pharmacy, but it is not yet possible to book a vaccination with a GP in this way. If this is your preference, then please wait to be contacted."

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Had the message a couple of weeks ago, and had it at Lordship Lane Covid Centre

From our Doctors Surgery.  Did have further messages from NHS afterwards 

Easy and quick

My young brother in his late Sixties, got same message and having jab this afternoon

I booked and have had my first vaccine now through this website. It was very easy and gave a choice of dates, times and locations. I am 63. My Bridgehouse GP told me to use it. I have also now used it to book for my husband both for his first vaccine next week and second in April. He is 57.

So glad you could book Geraldine - thats great

I presume you had had letter inviting to do so - I'm 65 and clinically vulnerable but have not yet had a letter so did try having read your post but was told not eligible so will be patient(ish)

Aah yes I am considered 'extremely vulnerable' with my MS and maybe my diabetic/amputee husband is too I suppose. Sorry but my husband had no letter and I thought I would just try it for him and it worked so I'm not sure now? . . .

It sounds very right and proper that he should be vaccinated - so pleased for you both

Thanks for your very kind reply.

One more person I think I should also mention here is my small and delicate but fortunately healthy 92 years mum just had her vaccine last week. She never worried about her wait. I am sooooooooooo happy about it because I still need her love, intelligence and fun support!! 

That's lovely  - so glad you still have oneanother! Ironically I got an invite for a vaccination at Lordship Lane (via GP text)yesterday and another text this morning from UCLH...spoilt for choice!Just slithering off for mine and thinking thankful thoughts for NHS!

I am 58 without particular health issues and got a text invite this evening.  Booked into Bounds Green on Saturday

Edit: actually it occurred to me that I might have jumped the queue a bit in my capacity as a sole carer.  Anyway, I guess it was down to Queenswood.

Dont worry - being a sole carer puts you up the list!



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