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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

our cat strudel turned up on Monday after 1 year away! He is fit and healthy but we have no idea where he has been......,

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Wow, that's amazing!

One year! I wonder what the record is?

I guess he's been on sabcatical.

That is so cool! I love how cats are so independent that they can just rock up looking perfectly well after an entire year. Does he appear to remember you?

love this  story! more details please!

He started to be funny when we took our other cat to the vet, guess he didn't like the smell! At the time our son was quite young aswell so he was being a bit harassed.
We still saw him around for a while and kept leaving him food out and then one day he completely disappeared!
We kept checking HOL but no news......and no news from his microchip.
Somebody must have been feeding him and he is still going off for a while then coming back but fingers crossed!

He remembers us and spent the day hanging out with me today just like old times.
I would ask though anyone on Fairfax/Falkland road not to feed him if they see him so hopefully he will come home for good!

Probably been chasing the same mouse around the hood for the past year :) Do you have a photo of your adventurous cat so I can keep an eye out for it (live on Falkland Rd).

Amazing and lovely stroy, hope he stays

Yes cats are total survivors, and will just move somewhere else if they feel so inclined, the little 

Definitely time for a photo please! (I don't live anywhere near, but one can never have too many cat photographs).

What colour is he?  Over the last two weeks I have had a cat that keeps hanging out and sleeping in my garden.  Small black cat very gentle, seems a little older as certainly doesn't have the same energy as my one year old cat!

ah poor lamb. Mine was a bright ginger boy very sleek. He was a homebird so I can't imagine he went off. We still have is brother who is a very large white and ginger boy. He is more of a wonderer but comes in every night for food! 

Hi Will really pleased your cat has come back. The tabby I posted about a few weeks back is still visiting our garden looking very hungry. This could be your cat? Could you post a photo if possible. We have been feeding this cat as he is always so hungry but will stop if yours.



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