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Hello everyone,

Does anyone know if there are equivalent forums to this in neighbouring areas? Tottenham, Southgate, Walthamstow?

When such Tottenham online I just find a million football forums.

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There are some, but they seem quite inactive. The busiest is Streetlife. You just sign up to it and you can view posts in your general area. Its pretty good and people post just like HOL. It doesn't have the neighbourhood feel of HoL and of course without the fab administrators here....can't match it, but still pretty good.

There's one for Hornsey and Crouch End - http://opinion8.ning.com/

Which area are you interested in??

Streetlife if you want a corporately owned (Evening Standard group) site. It can also be misleadingly unlocal (like people in Highbury tagged as living in Harringay).

For other genuinely local sites in the borough, see http://www.haringey.gov.uk/contact/social-media/local-online-commun...

Completely horrified that you should even ask if course ;0)

Just been onto Tottenhamlife...it's nothing like this, is it?

All the Haringey ones are based to some extent on HoL and all use the same platform, but their founders have all adapted their sites to their localities. As a local website I think Bowes & Bounds does a good job.
Hugh - how easy would it be to start a Tottenham one using this platform?

Have you looked at Tottenham Life?

The challenge is having sufficient people who want to engage in an online forum like this. Plus, when you've got another in the area that is already well founded (i.e. HoL) it's difficult to find its own community.

There's the very small-scale but with mighty potential SoTo - for South Tottenham and Seven Sisters.  If anyone would like to jump and make it more active I'd welcome that, at the mo it's random posts when I'm in the mood.

It also has links to other local sites.

I'll have a look but I'm not drawn to the slightly pretentious name!

I've always assumed it's tongue-in-cheek.



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