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Ooh la la! Micro-bakery run by Paris baker opens on Ladder. Quelle joie!

As I was working on the upstairs window on Tuesday this week, I made a quip to a young chap having trouble putting a leaflet through our door. In the resulting conversation I learned that I was talking with Olivier Chard, a baker from Paris who's just set up a micro-bakery in Beresford Road.

He's been selling at Stroud Green Market and Yerbury Road Market (N19) for a while now. But he's just started doing home delivery on the Ladder.

I ordered online later that day and ended up being Olivier's first home delivery customer the following day. 

I was delighted that I was. I ordered a sourdough (pain de levain), some plain croissants and some croissant aux amandes. What a delight! The croissant were delicious. light, with crispy flakes on the outside and a satisfying buttery taste.

And, I loved the sourdough. 

The trouble is, having eaten the croissant, I can't stop myself going back and eating more sourdough. 

It's all delicious. But I see that I'm going to need to exercise some self-control. (Though that hasn't stopped me ordering another order for tomorrow.....oh, and just a little for Wednesday....)

Thank you Olivier. Your products are a real joy.

Olivier delivers locally on Fridays and Wednesdays, or you can catch him at one of the markets.

Website: Pain D'Amis Harringay

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Order placed. Merci Hugh!

n.b. delivery N4 & N8-wide as far as I can tell, not just ladder.

Reasonable prices too. Especially compared to the Musty Kerfuffle place.

His bread is fantastic and Oli is lovely!

Wow this looks great. Thanks for the tip Hugh. I would appreciate a nice bakery as long as I don't have to pay as much as the Dusty Knuckle charges

There is no doubt that you can get cheaper bread. But, based on my first order, this produce is worth paying for. I like Dunn's bread and the bread is cheaper. But I love Olivier's bread and I accept the additional amount I have to pay to get it. It's worth it.

Have to go now, I have my morning coffee and a delicious fresh croissant to tuck into......

I don't mind paying extra for good quality. There are plenty of cheap bakeries here if you want Turkish bread. It is good to have something different

Comparing the lovely Oli and the DK is like comparing apples and oranges though. The DK is also paying for wages and premises. It's licensed and has a dine in offer. 

It's possible to appreciate both. 

I’ve received my order this morning - bread and selection of croissants. All absolutely delicious, will definitely be ordering regularly.  

I'm intrigued to know where on Beresford road this bakery is situated? I have my thoughts but none the less I know not.

My order received today after a bit of delay due to understandable address confusion (streets in N4 and N8 with almost the same name).  I ordered SF sourdough, plain & almond croissants and the cheese & onion baguette.  We've tried everything except the sourdough and all good quality.  Good butter used in the croissants.  The baguette is very small but overall the baked goods are very good value for money, especially given the home delivery.

Another delivery from the wonderful Olivier.  Those croissants: they look like any other but they taste quite different.  Thank you so much for bringing him to our attention, Hugh.

A quick reminder to all of our amazing local asset that is Oli Chard.  I've been ordering regularly since Hugh brought him to the attention of HOL and will continue doing so as long as he is baking and delivering locally.  Today's hot cross buns are excellent.



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