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Omega Works redevelopment

Or, how to replace social renters by better off tenants/owners.  And how to replace a low density environment with a high density one.  We've come across that sort of thing before.

Omega Works is part of the Harringay Warehouse district, along Hermitage Road and Eade Road.  It is a mixture of living space and work space, where people can afford to live and to rent work space, sometimes in the same place.

It is run down and could do with improvement.  The question is how to improve without making it unaffordable for existing tenants to continue living and working there.  Indeed the question is how to keep employment in the area at all.  The developers talk about places of employment, but I imagine they mean shops (Tesco local or similar).

The developer proposals with a useful map are here:  


The present occupiers of the whole warehouse district made representations to Haringey council here:


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Just to add to Kathy's note. There is a Q&A session online on 9th August 2021 at 7pm hosted by the development project team. To take part you need to email and register with info@collectiveplanning.co.uk  

The information is on https://www.omegaworksconsultation.com but you need to scroll down to find it !

I think there might be rather a lot of questions given the nature of planned development structure......

Boo! That'd be a real shame. I lived there for a long time on low rent, and it was a great space - once I had a deposit I purchased a property, and just recently moved again within the area. Despite some noise issues, it's a wonderful and creative part of the community, and it would be a real shame to see it replaced with less affordable housing.

The landlords always wanted to redevelop it, but I believe the owners of Omega Works C had prevented them from doing so.

As a nearby resident I will read the plans with interest the nearby Arena warehouse causes us HUGE noise and other antisocial problems including blatant drug dealing .. used to be an assest to the area now it has generally lost the support of neighbours

It looks to me as if the height of the development will dwarf everything around it.  All of the two storey housing or warehousing in the area next to 8.5 storey blocks going up adjacent to us.  Who else shares this concern?

I share this concern and I do think it will drastically change the dynamics of the street. I am also not looking forward to sharing public transportation in the area with all the new residents which will only make buses and tubes more crammed. And despite the fact that 3-bedroom apartments are being built, there are very few places to park cars. The intent of the diesign is marketed as encouraging folks out of the car lifestyle, but that won't be the result: the inhabitants of 3 bedroom flats will own a car and they'll ask the council for a permit for an extra car to be parked on Hermitage Road.

I've not seen any provision for adequate green spaces in the re-development. Things could be made better by adding patches of grass and trees in the architect drawings. It feels like the owners are just trying to pack in as many flats as possible, with little consideration to the surroundings.

Interesting to see these plans. I live on Hermitage Road, pretty close to Omega Works and think the development plans, if delivered as laid out in the plan, will be a real improvement to the area. I appreciate that's a big 'if'. I also share the concerns re. cars, and the height of the buildings at 8.5 stories is probably excessive I think. The intention to make the development car-free is laudable, even though as another commenter says, it may not result in no additional cars on the already crammed street. 

Obviously I feel for the current tenants whose lives and businesses will be disrupted, but London needs more homes, and if sites like this are not developed then where else can be? London can't grow outwards due to rampant green belt nimby-ism, so it needs to become more dense (taller) if homes are to become more affordable. If the government won't build enough new homes, then councils need to lean on private developers to redevelop existing sites, as is the case here, and mandate affordability quotas etc. It's not ideal, but it's where we are. 

In my view, any plan for redevelopment that opens the area more to the wider community beyond residents is a good thing. If the commercial spaces can be run by current residents then that would be great. 

I do hope, as was discussed a lot on the consultation call on Monday, that current residents can be prioritised for the new units, and that the rents are kept affordable for them. It's definitely a step in the right direction that warehouse units are even being considered, which is, I gather, more than has been done for other similar redevelopments. 



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