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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Route just released and on the BBC here

It is going through Ally Pally on day 72.


Next day Westminster and then to the opening ceremony


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Thanks for the info Mark. So we're part of the glorious final lap then. I see we're one of only seven areas of London that it's visiting.Could this be places with venues that hosted 1948 venues? In which case they'd be honouring Harringay in part.

But this list suggests perhaps not.

Anyone know how the route WAS chosen?

how fab, we are almost famous or maybe at least presentable lol

Do you think Veolia will make a special effort to clean up ?

Perhaps we could have our own Olympics - tossing the rubbish bag, the pole vault ( with real Poles ), throwing the hammer through Betfair's window, synchronised shoplifting, the school registration hurdles and find the missing cat.

and who can wee the furthest away from a toilet
Brilliant. Let's try and get Liz and Hugh to carry the torch during this part of the route.



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