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Being in a 'flaneur' mood yesterday I took walk from Wood Green to Hornsey. Taking the entrance to the field at the foot of AP through Park Avenue I came across a concrete strip that looks like the the remains of a cricket pitch. Was this an old school pitch?, the houses look too near for adult players hitting sixes, there is a similar one in White Hart Lane rec that has the remains of a rubber overmat.

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Could be, seen it myself. The Redston Field was only relatively recently incorporated into the rest of the Park previously being a sports field.

Thanks Stephen, that explains it, must have been a municipal ground for schools sports practice and events. Doubt if W G Grace scored a century there.

Don Bradman filmed "How I Play Cricket" at the racecourse ground there though.

I rarely reply to anything online, but as you know the meaning of the word Flaneur, and I know the answer to your question, I couldn't resist. I used to play cricket on that strip in about 1979/80 when I was at Coleridge primary school. Our sports field on Mountview Road, with the foresight of the time, had been turned into a reservoir so we had to make do with Redston Road which was miles away and not in much better nick than currently. I don't think it ever did have any rubber or astroturf on it, but I ended up playing 20 years of league cricket locally so it can't have been totally useless. Anyway, hope that helps and you continue to enjoy walking against the tide ;-)

In the 50s North Harringay Primary travelled to Resdton Road to play both soccer and cricket so I played there. In fact, later I played cricket all around AP in the 50s and 60s. If it is concrete it is more likely a practice pitch - all-weather - so would have been netted. Concrete too hard of course so covered for use with coconut matting or similar on the day of use. When I was there we enjoyed the smell of the piggeries, housed in old air raid shelters alongside the field. Lovely!



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