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Old Andreas Michli & Sons' building on St Anns Road up for let

The beautiful corner building at the end of Salisbury Mansions on St Anns Road – which used to be home to Andreas Michli & Sons' grocers – is now up for let.

It's been sat gathering dust for a long time now (no idea why), so it's good to see it might finally start getting some use.

Those big windows at the front could make for a beautiful cafe or similar. What would you want to see in there?

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I've always thought it would be great as a combined cafe/bicycle shop (big long windows). 

Oh what a sad, sad state that is in now !   During my time living in Harringay Road (1950-70) I seem to recall it being a glaziers or similar.  Walked past it twice daily to and from school (1955-64), had a best mate living up Salisbury Road, another lived right opposite on corner of St Ann's and Woodlands Road with another living in Woodlands Road so you think I should remember something of it ?  Must've had other stuff going on !  But I do remember we used the cafe next door to that shop, probably 60-64 time, had a pinball machine and great jukebox in.  Like we say, happy carefree days.

Cafe wouldn't be a good idea? It’s too far away from the public.

The previous owner used to have sublime unique Cypriot delicacies in there!



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