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Very mousey time back at home.
Not for the first time, I am in for an evening of stabbing wire wool into holes in our under-stairs cupboard, but there is not much point in mouseproofing/mouse-slaying if everyone else in the neighbourhood is not doing the same.
Who fancies starting up a Harringay rodent crusade so we can rid the Ladder/Gardens of these little visitors?

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I have found my cat to be most effective, after a few rodent deaths they never came back.

I guess filling the area with cats might not be a popular move with all, but they are effective. :)

Yes I agree too, cats seem to be the way to go. Our cat is finding quite a few mice outside at the moment so it must be the season for them.

I highly recommend David Parnell, who sorted out my rat problem. David looks for the source of the problem - you need to find out how these nightmare creatures are getting into/under your house. Poison and traps will kill a few but will not stop more coming in. By the way, David's first two questions are do you have pets and do you have decking? He says pet food attracts pests and that cats will not get them all. Decking is a nice place for pests to live under also.


Do have to be careful which pest control poisons won't harm pets too, if that's the route you choose to take.

I have been very lucky that my fuzzy lump of a moggy is enough to scare of rodents, never ever had a problem in any of my places up the ladder and beyond once he was installed.

No disrespect to cats, but they are expensive - unless you can get them to live solely on mice.
Local councillors wishing to get easy political capital could do a lot worse than proposing a Pied Piper day in the 'Gay. We are all stuck with mice 4eva unless we work in tandem to get rid of them. Cat owners included.

I have lived a a few different places in Harringay and have been plagued by mice (the worst on Green Lanes near all the food). 

Wire wool kept them at bay in my last place for a season until the little ****s found another way in.  I got the council out for a different issue and the chap said the best thing is to cover the ventilation shafts with thin wire (Wicks sell something appropriate). We could not do that as we had no access to the back shafts, so I could clog up my kitchen but could not stop them going into the building and therefore my flat another way.

We have had a couple of visits this season in our new house and my mood has turned genocidal. Poison is down, wire wool stuffed where we can and we will be covering the ventilation shafts in the coming weeks, but are well aware that it will stop them coming into ours, but won't stop them coming into the terrace next door and under their house to ours.

You are right - no matter what you do, if the neighbours aren't doing it then they will just keep coming.

I hate them with a passion, and for a while there my life evolved around cleaning piles of mouse crap off my work surfaces and from under my fridge. I refuse to have that happen again, so in my little corner of Harringay, the crusade has begun.

Maybe we could borrow one of your cats? I've asked the landlord if we could get one but he said no... But I'm sure he wouldn't have a problem with a temporary visitor.



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