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Unless I'm mistaken and there was a thread that has been posted about the loss of our Queen?

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A wonderful lady. Today was truly special. Proud to be English and proud to be British.


Me to Maddy, and like you I'm not ashamed to say it for fear of being cast as a racist/misogynist/Jingoist or whatever that has no place in this community. 

Whereas I have respect for her public work and also for the sadness people may feel at her passing, for me a hereditary head of state such as a monarch is an anachronism with no place in modern Britain.

So there you go - a perfectly balance thread in just two replies. Hugh - shall we close it now?

Hi Doodle, 

I am not sure what point you are trying make here? Is it bothering you that there is no post about the death of the queen? Or are you on the wind up? if it bothers you, then I am interested why? This is a self publishing site where members have the opportunity to post something mark the death of the queen if they are moved to do so? As you have highlighted, the fact that not one person has actually bothered is a mildly interesting fact. 

I suppose that much of the mainstream media are doing the death of the queen to death (pardon the piss poor pun) or maybe, despite the hyperbole, most people just aren’t bothered. Personally, I have nothing good or bad to say about the event. I put this down to being a migrant in this country. Happy to accept the benefits of living in good old England but not accepting any of the civic responsibilities…


Well Con, HoL is well known as a leftist echo chamber when it comes to certain issues so I expect that people who might ordinarily want to pay their respects on this forum have been put off by the inevitability of seeing offensive replies. Those replies would be defended on the basis of providing 'balance'. But Doodle can rest assured that the vast majority of people outside the usual suspect inner city boroughs have the utmost respect for the Queen and now the King as has been shown today. Britain truly is an exceptional country.

Dan Smeeton, you would have to define 'leftist echo chamber'' for me, it's not a term I am familiar with. My analysis is; HOL in generally quite a liberal forum.  These left-wing/rightwing labels are subjective notions used as a tropes so the writer can project their own ideas of what is normative. This usually follows an authoritarian sense of injustice and right on cue, there you are... 

It is regrettable that there are some "who might ordinarily want to pay their respects on this forum have been put off by the inevitability of seeing offensive replies." However, there are many platforms available, so HOL being a cold house for monarchists isn't really a big deal. However, I suspect the bigger issue for you and Doodle, is that people who oversee HOL didn't show enough respect and now need to be admonished. I read a story about a Vicar in the North of Ireland who rang a charitable organisation to complain because they refused to close their soup kitchen today. What is lacking the diets of these people...

I am happy that both you and Mr Doodle can rest assured enough respect was shown outside London, but something tells me, that isn't enough for you...

But where's the respect in London?

Have you not seen the news, people who want to show their respect queued for hours from Southwark Park to Westminster Palace. Maybe you should look at your expectations? 

Please. You're talking about a history that you nor I was living in. Get over it and move on. 

But he just told you, this was exactly where he "was living in". For the record, this is part of my history and moving on wasn't so easy. It took time and and the ability for critical thinking. Two things I doubt you enjoy...

Ouch the insults are flying from you Con. Appreciated.

 For authoritarians, insults are all I have when they come looking...



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