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This was the scene on Lausanne Rd this morning at approx 8:30. Very depressing.

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I noticed that too and there was no obvious reason i.e. no skips being collected or Veolia. 

The problem was caused by slow-moving traffic heading North on Wightman making it difficult to turn right out of Lausanne.

The overwhelming majority of this traffic shouldn't be there in the first place.

*That's* the cause.

As someone fortunate to live on one of the ladder's quieter streets, the residents have my sympathies.

I've heard Wightman was very slow-moving due to a cyclist taking the 'primary position' in their lane.

It's been like this for years. I would say that it even pre-dates Jon Burke's (Hackney) theory on satnavs driving people onto C roads. It was the one way system that enabled this.

Like most of London these days. Nose to Tail Traffic

Had to go to Whinchmore Hill the other evening, Thanks to councils putting in Cycle lanes traffic was stop start all the way there

Joke was did not see one cyclists using cycle lanes. Did see several riding on pavement

As population grows and more cars on Our Roads. We have local authorities reducing traffic flow with cycle lanes and other schemes 

While Motorist pay even more Taxes 

Lol Bob, come on now... You sound like you've swallowed an Association of British Drivers leaflet.

Were the cyclists on the pavement where they could have been in a cycle lane? Or were they avoiding you in your car?

The fact there's too much traffic is because... shocker... there are too many motor vehicles.

What extra tax does a motorist pay that a non-motorist doesn't? (fuel doesn't count - you're paying tax on goods provided)

Hard to blame this on cycle infrastructure as there isn't really any around here. Isn't the issue too many people in cars/vans?

Crouch Hill is completely blocked off with works, can't say that's the cause but it may cause peripheral jams.



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