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Visited just after 0900 this morning

I had Blood test for Diabetic clinic and Doctor

Was in and out in 10 minutes , staff was sitting and chatting lack of patients

Yes Blood slips was stamped as Urgent. Only accepting Urgent requests unless made by appointment

Also had a slip for Chest X Ray , in and out again in 10 minutes

Best Service I have had for years

Yes all entering must wear a mask. but many take them off as walk to clinics

Yes you must wear their supplied masks, nursing type, was being supplied

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Great to hear that The Nth Midd is functioning throughout these appalling times. The quickness of appointments is because a lot of the time wasters that clog up the Hospitals are no longer arriving. I have just spent 2 days in the RD&E hospital in Exeter and it was very busy with very sick patients. I admire the staff having to work 12hr shifts and putting in the overtime to be at the beck and call of a lot of patients who don’t have the same respect. Well done NHS

Yes, time-wasters and staff-abusers gone.  We would all like that aspect to remain forever.

I had the same experience with a blood test during the peak in April. In and out in less than 10 minutes. They are clearly still only processing the most urgent cases.

I'd be careful to speak of 'time-wasters'... Everyone has got the right to access the NHS. 

There are time wasters without a doubt they can be seen clogging up A&Es all over the Country. Would you want a seriously ill family member to have a delay waiting tor treatment or an ambulance because someone has a paper cut on their finger which can be fixed by a trip to the pharmacy. I worked for London Transport for 36 yrs and have seen this day in and day out where Medical situations have arisen and people have had to wait to get treated because of the abuse off the NHS.

Luckier than me... I’ve just had my third consecutive follow-up clinic appointment cancelled in three months, with no likelihood of a new date until at least October, if then. When I first went as an urgent referral from another hospital in June, the place was as quiet as you report and I was seen quickly, but there must be a suspicion that Covid is now being used as an excuse to run down more routine and follow-up services..

As for “time-wasters” mentioned in subsequent comments, the sheer difficulty for so many patients in getting any kind of GP appointment at all is one obvious reason for increased pressure on A&Es, which have to cope with the fall-out from the overall run-down of local health services.

I had an MRI in June - the mask was a bit problematic as the metal had to be cut out of it! 

Not at the North Mid though, my hospital is Queen Square.

Last time I was there (a fair while ago) for a blood test I waited the obligatory hour for my test, went to the booth promptly when my number was called only to have an NHS employee step in front of me for a test who simply waved her pass without being in the queue. When she had finished the nurse then pressed the next number for the patient behind me who whizzed past leaving me standing like a lemon, on my objection to this I was seen by the most grumpy fed-up nurse I have ever experienced seeming to make out it was my fault. I'm glad that things have improved, hopefully it will lift staff morale a bit.

I've been an in and out patient at the N.Mid for the last three years, and had nothing but efficient and kind treatment all the [many] times I've had to go there. Great Hospital.

Just been up North Middlesex Hospital for a Clinic Blood Test

Yes forms was stamped Urgent.

Joke was that staff was sitting around with very few customers

Typical NHS planning. Turning users away when they have the Staff on site

Saw the lady that I used to see at Lordship Lane Clinic for Blood Test 



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