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Is anyone else struggling with blood tests for their GP?  

I and many are referred to North Mid for blood tests for our GP (bridge house). 

But North Mid is still not doing them in the hospital. 

We end up at laurels (small clinic). And due to transportation time/not labelled properly/not enough blood taken..... we  do not get results (often). 

Is anyone else who has to have blood tests for GPs in this way struggling? 

And why is North Mid pretending they are still offering patients blood tests in hospital? very annoying when you phone or try to book online. 


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Sorry I just re-read and you said the Laurels so ignore my comment.

I book my blood tests at the Laurels (St Ann's Road). The online system works really well and there are a lot of available appointments. I much prefer the booking system to the old queuing system which usually meant waiting there for hours.

I'm with Bridge House and they send me a link to the booking system when they want me to have a blood test.

I have also been to the Whittington for blood tests and went straight in and out. I find the Wittington much easier to get to than the North Mid.

Thank you Julie. 

The online system is so much better. No one could doubt that. 

But do you mind me asking if all your results come back ok from Laurels? 

I often have to have a lot of blood taken, I also give samples. Laurels never yields all results. Which is why I always try to have it in the hospital. 

Our GP automatically sends us to North Mid/Laurels. I have to call and ask to get referred to Whit. 

Yes I've always had results back, they appear in my Patient Access account usually within 3 or 4 days. Having said that I think my last test was over a year ago. I have an appointment there in August for my next set.

I am pleased for you. 

I have such a different experience as do many i translate for. 

Mind you - I am not in great health (so alot of blood tests and samples) and the people i translate for are elderly and poorly as well. 

I wish Laurels worked for me in this way - It is a 5minute walk from my house. 

Have a good day

I'm sorry you have problems with it. And very annoying that the Laurels is so close to you but not working.

I have found Patient Access and the NHS app very useful, but obvs it's not ideal if you're not used to this sort of technology or don't have easy access to them.

The problem is not the app. 



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