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North London demonstration march planned in response to last week's events

A 'North London Unity Assembly Demonstration' has been planned for 13th August. The organisers' leaflet calls for:

  • A Culture of valuing, not demonising youth and unemployed people.
  • Support for those affected by the rioting, including the immediate re-housing of people made homeless as well as grants for affected small businesses.
  • Community led regeneration and restoration of damaged areas.
  • Reversal of all cuts to youth services in our boroughs.
  • No cuts to public services! Instead, investment into and regeneration of our communities, including housing, jobs, education and sports facilities.
  • An independent community inquiry into policing methods in our boroughs, and an end to discriminatory stop and search.
  • Availability of legal support for all those arrested by police

The leaflet goes on to explain:


By coming together and calling for unity we want to encourage all sections of our local communities, young and old, black and white, residents and workers, to work together to find solutions to some of our long-standing problems.

We know there are all kinds of strong feelings and differing views. We do not claim to represent the whole community, but merely seek to promote unity in the communities in which we live.


The plan is to assemble at Gillet Square in Dalston at 1pm an to march from there to Tottenham Green. 

It remains to be seen if the police are ready to approve this march is these still rather sensitive areas.


The North London Unity Demonstration is supported by the Haringey Alliance for Public Services, Hackney Alliance to Defend Public Services, Day-Mer (Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre), NLCH (North London Community Centre), Day-Mer Youth, Alevi Cultural Centre, Fed-Bir: , Kurdish Community Centre: Roj Women, Halkevi, Gik-Der (Refugee Workers Cultural Association), Britania Peace Council: Hundred Flowers Cultural Centre, TOHUM, Socialist Party, Youth Fight For Jobs, Right To Work, Red Pepper.

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Have the authorities really given permission for another "oeaceful" march in Tottenham at this time? Is it not an open invitation to any trouble makers? Seems risky

Some iPhone snaps.

Here's the front of the march in Stoke Newington:



and the march pased by:


And here's a video of the march pasing through Stoke Newington:



Great to see this - and despite the doubts expressed on Hol, looks 'peaceful' to me!  I've seen estimated numbers as 3,000 - and as I was out of London, was watching out for a mention the news.  Whilst there was lengthy coverage of Birmingham's peace vigil which they described as having a disappointing turn out of a few hundred, I didn't see this mentioned. What a shame!



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