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Noisy Outdoor Unit ( Air Conditioner) In Neighbours Back Garden Next To Bedroom

Do we have rights to complain about this or not? It’s effecting our sleep and is very noisy, sounds like an airport lounge.

Sort of machines that are used to filter out air in Restaurants, Hotels and big buildings. The new neighbours didn't even bother to consult with us before placing it there so I'm hesitant to discuss it with them.

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You can complain to Haringey Council - the web site:


AC units are mentioned as a matter they can investigate.

I think whatever course you take, any agency would want to know that you'd tried to resolve it amicably, by agreement. However, if you feel that your safety would be in jeopardy by approaching your neighbour then of course you shouldn't do it. You should be aware that one possible reason that some people, I'm sure not your neighbour, would install an industrial size aircon unit would be if they are growing some sort of vegetable in their house. If you think this may be the case, extra precaution should be exercised since people can be very protective of their vegetables. 

If you're in any doubt, exercise caution and seek advice. Perhaps you could try talking to your local residents' association for additional support and advice. They will have contact with local agencies who can help. I will message you a link with their contact info. 

The sort of vegetables sold of an evening at Turnpike Lane Farmers' Market?

Couldn't possibly comment.

I love the TLFM. The Albanian lettuce and Kurdish sugar sell out quick.

Yes indeed vegetable growers can be very protective I've heard

I think Hugh offers the most realistic view. Domestic properties don't require industrial AC. 

external (condensing) units have fans and will always make a degree of noise when it rotates (like anything with a fan, like the all-miraculous heat exchangers) and when the condenser starts and stops. Regarding size, a single condenser can feed multiple evaporators.

If your neighbour has fitted a proper A/C system with a view to cooling down a single house (which can be 150 m2), that's a lot of volume and you would easily require 3 or 4 evaporators or internal ducting. A larger condensing unit would make sense. No need to stir into the pot any kind of illegal activity.

Obviously, if you sleep with your windows open and your neighbours' condenser is near one of these windows, you will surely hear it, especially at night when there is almost no traffic in most streets.

Last year my neighbour put a lovely wind chime outside their window... which happens to be just beside the only window in my house that is not double glazed. At 3 AM I would have gone at it with a broomstick. I told her, she removed it, that's it.

Then again, complaints that can require action nullifying a big spend like an air con, or require bigger spend (relocating machine or investing in noise-abating measures) are unlikely to be received keenly.

is it an air source heat pump?

Apparently the new heat pumps installed outside make quite a lot of noise? Perhaps they installed one of those?

An i allowed to post a picture of it here or against rules?

I think if you don't identify the address it would be ok



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