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Is it just me, or is the problem of very noisy motorbikes getting worse around here? There's one that starts up around midnight, apparently racing up and down Green Lanes with frequent backfiring like the sound of gunshots. And someone shot by me today at at least 40mph with a huge roaring exhaust. Is it legal to make such a racket? (It definitely isn't legal to go at that speed!)

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  1. When I used to motorbike, I noticed some bikers would do this when filtering through traffic to alert car drivers and pedestrians that they were there. Very annoying though and somewhat overkill. 

On the southern end of Green Lanes, North Circular, Bounds Green Roads encompassing Bowes Park & Bounds Green, its more over-revved, back-firing high-end coupés causing both noise pollution and road hazard. I'm taking numbers for a police report

I think some bikers deliberately ensure they're engines are as loud as possible. The belief is that it will make them more noticeable and less vulnerable. I don't care. They're inconsiderate a***holes.


Same on Seven Sisters/St Ann's Road. I hear them all day long and it's super annoying, especially because many of us are still working from home all day.

I have reported it to our Safer Neighbourhoods Team but there is only so much they can do. They are moaning about cuts and not having enough resources....

Yes, I was complaining about this to my husband a couple of weeks back, but it mostly takes part during the day (we're on the other side of the railway tracks).  Lots of backfiring.  I haven't been able to see whose responsible though - probably going too fast for me to catch sight of them!

It's happening more and more glad someone's raising the issue... it's very loud ad disturbing and unnecessary.

it's been bothering us for a while. what is the best way to complain? 

Police as they are the only ones able to deal with issue

Check out Police local Facebook page or bring it up with local liaison officers

I've reported it on the Met police traffic violations page, but I think they need as many people as possible to report it before they will investigate. It's not a lengthy process, and you can leave blank any details not known (such as names of parties involved.)

Last night the bikers woke me at 1 a.m and went on until at least 3.

Feels like this problem has started back up but at 10pm most evenings on Green Lanes. The noise is horrible

i have reported it to the police. could we not do a petition to the council?

either way, reporting to the police via internet is really easy and if lots of people do it they must take note.



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