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One of the options now being looked at on Hewit Rd instead of changing its direction is to have a No Right Turn out of it on to Green Lanes, so i've wondered a bit about No Right Turns. They seem easier to get done than some other changes and people accept them more readily even though in some places they can have quite a dramatic traffic reduction effect as similar as blocking off a road completely.

There are a few existing ones around Harringay to look at to see how they work, on Willougby RdLothair Rd North and South, and a couple over the tracks at Inderwick Rd and Nelson Rd. The Lothair Rd S one is interesting. it happened relatively recently (2008) and still has documents up on the council website, the consultation and report, which shows us how they got it to happen. They had a meeting between residents and the council in December 2006 asking for it and then it got made in Feb 2008.

So where else in Harringay could use a No Right Turn?

Out of Umfreville to Wightman Rd would stop all the traffic that uses Umfreville to bypass Green Lanes, someone even asked for that in the Green Lanes statutory notification, and it could be made exactly like the Lothair Rd South one.

A No Right Turn from Green Lanes into Falkland would prevent all the traffic it gets from Alfoxton Ave/West Green Rd. That could be done like the Lothair Rd N one and with the new pedestrian crossing going in on Green Lanes by Falkland it would be relatively easy to just extend the central island down a bit to block the right turn. That would be good for the northern Ladder plan too because then we wouldn't need to change the Falkland direction.

Where else? It seems like now might be a good time to be asking, who else wants one?

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I was one of the residents behind the no right turn on Lothair Road South and although it has made our street much safer than it was previous to the restriction, I'm disappointed to report that it gets ignored a lot

Linking this discussion to the recent one about the Hewit no right turn going ahead.

Notice the contrasting proposals: have a no right turn for Falkland Rd and massively reduce traffic going by a primary school and and park, compared to a no right turn for Hewit to massively increase the traffic by two primary schools and a nursery.



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